How To Take Care Of Your Beard In The Winter

If you’ve had a beard for long enough, you would know that the winter months can be an absolute struggle. If you live in cold, temperate locations, this feeling is multiplied. For most people, winter brings with it low humidity and freezing winds, both of which can have an adverse effect on the health of your beard.

If you don’t care properly for your beard during the cooler months, it will probably be just a matter of time before your once beautiful mane turns into an unfortunate mess. One extremely common problem is dryness of both your beard and the skin underneath it.

So today we are going to dive straight in and see some really useful tips that will help make those cold winter months much better for your beard and yourself as a whole.

Avoid Too Much Hot Water

Don’t be surprised by this. We know that many people think that it’s perfectly fine to use hot water to fight the freezing cold out there. However, when it comes to your beard it actually is not.

Constantly treating your beard and the skin underneath with hot water will deprive them of their natural oils. This, in turn, may cause your beard to turn brittle, and your skin to be dry and flaky.

This is why most of you bearded gentleman out there experience the dreaded beardruff ( beard dandruff ).

Cooler showers are actually expected to be beneficial for the overall health of your beard and skin. However, we know that changing the habit of soaking in that soothing warm water during the winter is hard to break, so just make sure you don’t keep your beard under it for too long.

Also, it’s highly recommended to not let the water sit in your beard for long after your shower, so make sure to dry your it properly as soon as you’re out of the shower. Most tap water comes with hard minerals, which in turn can be very harmful for your beard.

Letting the water dry by itself will also lead to lowering the moisture content, which is probably the last thing you would want while fighting winter cold.

Replace Your Shampoo With Conditioner

We know you love the clean feel your shampoo gives, but too much of this product can lead to pretty much the same problems that hot water gives. We talk about the problems regarding shampoo a lot here, and since we are proponents of the ‘no poo method’ it should be no surprise that we need to state this for your beard as well.

You may not have to stop using shampoo altogether, but you should definitely be limiting it to just once or twice a week maximum.

Similarly, you can use a good conditioner packed with natural ingredients ( tea tree and argan oils ) to replace your shampoo sessions. It will give you the same soft and clean feeling, but without taking a toll on your beard’s health.

Beard Oil – The Magic Product

Well, it’s kind of surprising how many men neglect the importance of using a good beard oil daily. It’s actually something that works wonders for the health of your beard, as well as the skin underneath that you can’t moisturize with a cream.

As long as you pick a quality oil, it will act as an an all-round beard product, providing you with a wide range of benefits, including protecting your beard against everything the winter months throw at it.

One surprising change you would probably almost immediately notice is that there will be no more itching caused by your beard.

Applying beard oil daily will not only help eliminate this itching, but also keep your beard hair strong and proud.

However, make sure you go with a product that only contains natural ingredients, as detailed in our beard oil guide. Certain chemicals may end up doing more harm than good, especially in the long run. You can apply the oil as soon as you’re out of the shower and done drying your beard.

Finally, you may also want to comb your beard regularly in the winter. It keeps it neat and tidy, but more importantly, it helps improve blood circulation.

Seeking Professional Help

Tidying up your beard is a must, especially during winter. But if you’re not sure about being able to do it properly yourself, you should seek the service of your local barber.

The thing is, your beard hair will split very easily during winter months if it isn’t kept neat, clean and tidy. And once it splits, the damage would begin soon after. Not doing anything to stop this would result in further splitting and your beard hair even falling out.

However, if you keep trimming it regularly, or at the very least as soon as you see any signs of splitting, it would prevent the damage to a great extent. For this reason, you should always have a decent facial hair trimmer on you and be ready to fix those inevitable split ends.

Following these tips will give your beard a fresh start during the winter and help you avoid the issues that arise during those cold, dry months.