Why You Should Switch To A Double Edge Safety Razor!

Anyone new to safety razors will wonder why they should use such a razor. And those who have already been using a safety razor will know the benefits of using this type of razor.

Here’s to helping you join the ranks of the latter –

We bring you the benefits of using a double edged safety razor and a few recommendations that you will love.
merkur classic safety razor

So getting down to the question of why you should turn to a safety razor

  • Using a safety razor, especially the double edged kind, makes for a great shave. You get to experience a close shave without leaving your skin feeling itchy, irritated, or even sensitive. No more cases of razor burns and in growth hairs.
  • A ‘real’ safety razor, or a double edged razor will end up saving you money in the long run. After the initial purchase of the razor, shaving brush, shaving bowl, and chrome stand, the only thing you will need is a shaving soap and the blades. These are significantly cheaper than disposable and cartridge ones so you end up saving money as soon as the first year of use.
  • Plus, there’s next to no carbon footprint left behind when you use a safety razor. The foam that gets washed away is the only footprint.
  • And need we even mention that your skin is not exposed to any harsh chemical when you’re using a safety razor? You get a great shave even without those chemical soaps and shaving gels. Instead, you will be using all natural lather that is much healthier for your skin and allows for a better overall shave. And you can choose what scent or flavor you want that lather to be as there are many different choices available on the market today.

So these are its benefits, so now let’s get to the negatives just to make it fair. Now if you’re really looking for its negative points, then all we can say is that it might take you a while to get the hang of it. That is basically the only negative. Once you do get used to it however, which you can speed up the process pretty easily if you read up on our guides, you won’t want to go back to disposable or cartridge razors at all.

So to help the newbie that is interested in getting into wet shaving in general, we have a very useful video to show you. This is a great entry tutorial into DE shaving, and it will serve as a starting point for an art that you will enjoy significantly more than regular shaving.