About and Supporting Us

Malegroomings.com is a brand that focuses on giving men the highest quality information regarding personal grooming and hygiene. Our goal is to educate and lead men to enhance their beauty and be able to pick the right products depending on their own personal demands. We do this by testing, reviewing and then bringing out the winners for you guys after long and dedicated trials. You guys deserve to have the best and most accurate information, and we are here to provide that for you.

We work very hard to bring you the most advanced and in depth guides. Our job is simple: to make you a more well-groomed man.


Who Are We Exactly And Why Trust Us?

The writers behind Malegroomings are two medical school students that are just obsessed with male beauty. We have been buying, testing, and reviewing a cornucopia of different products and services that relate to enhancing male beauty for 3 years now. Our passion is vivid and we absolutely love doing this.

Eventually, we plan on creating and manufacturing our very own high quality male grooming products, and we will work non stop till we can make that possible. The more we test and improve our grading criteria, the more we realize that there is a missing gap between mediocrity and greatness in the male beauty field. There definitely is more that can be done to provide men with a more convenient and effective beauty lifestyle. We promise you that in the near future, we will be able to fill that gap.

But for now, enjoy our long and in depth guides on topics that we have vast experience in. We put 1000s of hours into researching, testing, grading, and writing each of these guides so we are sure that everything we state is accurate and can be backed up.

You can see our grading criteria on most of our reviews, and really get into our minds in terms of what we are looking for and why. We also keep in mind that people do have different reasons and purposes for buying a certain product, so we do integrate that in our product reviews.

Our Personal Guarantee!

We personally buy ALL the products we test, and do not accept any submissions from ANY one. We never have and we never will, so don’t even bother asking us! Trust us, if you have a quality product in the male grooming field, WE will find you ourselves. We are always looking for new products and updating our previous guides, and you`d be surprised by the amount of products we have come across.

This is done so that we can remain completely objective and honest with our grading and testing, and to provide our incredible visitors with the best reviews we can possibly make. Furthermore, the products that we recommend and link out to do not increase the price in any way, but instead we receive a small commission directly for our hard work as part of the Amazon program.

Amazon is, in our opinion, is the best online marketplace for male grooming products as it provides everyone with great prices on a variety of superb products. Furthermore, their Amazon Prime program and free 2 days shipping is a huge bonus and it only further enhances them from the rest. Therefore, the best way that you, the visitors, can help us out is to simply go through with the purchases that you normally would do. We promise that we will continue to produce and bring out the best information and guides out there!


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Please keep in mind that if you are from a different country than the United States, the prices and availability of the products reviewed on Malegroomings.com may vary and be different. If you have any questions or are interested in advertising with us, feel free to contact us at [email protected]