Two Straight Razor Shaving Kits For The Beginner

Your earliest memories of a straight razor might be of the one used by your grandpa…at that time you might have also thought that shaving is truly an art. But amidst the electric razors that have taken the market by storm, this art might be getting lost… Unless, more and more people like you turn to the art of shaving with a straight razor.

To do so, the first thing you will need is a straight razor – and you might have held on to your grandpa’s razor as a keepsake. But if one such vintage straight razor hasn’t come down to you through the family, then you have two options—to look up such vintage razors with the remaining members of the family, or to get one online.

But before that, you might be wondering – why a vintage razor?

  • A vintage razor will ideally be made of steel of exceptional quality.
  • It will have durability that will challenge a regular razor any day and win!
  • A vintage razor has a typical old world feel to it that’s missing in most modern day razors.

When we took it upon ourselves to look for a straight razor shaving kit, we were sure that we would come across some great specimens. After all, a straight razor shaving experience is incomplete without a good shaving set – complete with shaving soap, brush, and of course, a straight razor.

But our attempts at finding the best shaving set only led us to kits that we really did not like and actually rated pretty low  – be it safety or straight razor sets. But why should you settle for less than the best, especially when you’re trying to experience and master the art of shaving with a straight razor?

And to that effect, we finally discovered two shaving sets worth having that passed our tests with flying colors. The first one is by Dovo and it is the:

1. DOVO 504B 5/8 Col Conk Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set Package By GB Buckingham & Sons

You must already know that when it comes to razors, especially straight razors, no one comes close to DOVO Solingen – they make the best razors. And this vintage shaving set that we feature here is a fine specimen of typical DOVO craftsmanship. What’s more, Germany being one of the best producers of cutlery ensures that this razor will be made of the finest quality steel. But the razor alone is not the only highlight – this set comes with—



A DOVO SOLIGNEN straight razor, complete with
the DOVO insignia.

stropA strop to add the finishing touches to the blade – so it gives you that velvet smooth feeling when shaving.


shaving_bowlA shaving bowl – just like the one your grandpa used to have!

shaving_brushA shaving brush – one that stops shedding after a few uses.

So when you’re on the lookout for a good specimen of vintage straight razor shaving, you need to definitely think about giving a Dovo straight razor a shot. Now the second one is more old fashion and it actually does not come with a razor. That’s not an issue however as you can still get a razor separately and it still comes with everything else that a kit should have.

2. Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (Soap, Bowl, Brush)


So, what are the highlights of this shaving kit?

 Premium_Shave_SetA good looking shaving set!

Satisfaction_GuaranteedThe motto is – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

uses_of_shaving_kitComplete Instructions on How to use!

But this doesn’t seem complete – not without a good straight razor, anyway. So look up our collection of reviews and info on some of the best straight razors on the market! Any of those razors will pair very well with this set and give you that old fashion vibe of how shaving originated. If you’ve never used a straight razor before, be aware that it is a completely different technique and it will require patience and dedication to get right. You might cut yourself more than a few times as well! But it is all worth it in the end as nothing comes as close to your pores as these types of razors.