How To Stop Beard Itch! A Practical Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Beard itch is probably the most annoying, pestering, and mind aching obstacle when it comes to growing your beard. Just when you thought you had a plan and it was all figured out, “I`ll grow my beard out, I`ll be like a lumberjack, and it will be lovely”. You will clearly learn that isn’t the case at all. It’s never actually “lovely”. It’s a brutal task that involves several obstacles and if you’re not prepared and knowledgeable, you`ll soon give up.

Man with itchy beard

Is this itch ever going to stop?

But we won’t let you give up today. We will show you how to fight the itch, attack the problem, and make it go away so you can grow that glorious beard. This will be a five part process, so read carefully and put it inside your mental storage:

1. Never Give Up

Just like your parents never gave up on you when you kept flunking 5th grade math, don’t give up on growing the best beard you can possibly have. As soon as 1 week in, you will start feeling the itch. You just have to remain calm, avoid giving into the temptation of scratching it because that will make everything worse. It’s especially difficult during those winter months, we know.

2. Condition Your Beard With THESE Ingredients

Using normal conditioners with chemicals in them won’t help your cause. You need one of the following to be effective:

a) Morrocan Argan Oil
b) Tea tree oil

There are many companies out there that make all natural Tea tree or Argan oil conditioners, so just snag one and condition your beard daily. Apply it liberally in the shower, and leave it on for 5 minutes before washing it off. Then, proceed to the next step.

3. Apply A Beard Oil

This isn’t your regular moisturizer that comes in the form of a cream. Especially in those winter months, a good beard oil can be such a lifesaver. Depending on how bad your beard itch is, you may require more drops than usual. This step alone can be super effective in stopping itchy beards.

If you want to create your own homemade oil, follow what this user from reddit suggests, which is to mix Argan oil with Coconut milk and Tea tree oil inside a bowl and then apply it all around your beard with either a shaving brush or a beard comb. You can even use your fingers too. Just make sure you dig deep in there so the oil goes all the way through.

tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil

Tea tree and Eucalyptus oils

Eucalyptus oil is an ingredient that may already be in your beard oil, but if you are using your own mixture as shown above, you can even add a drop of it. This type of oil is very effective against psoriasis, so you can imagine that it works for itchy beards as well. The key is to make sure that you get the oil deep inside your beard so that it can work its magic. And don’t overdo it, you only need around a dime size or less of each to get it to work. Once again, this is for the worst cases of itchy beard out there so just stick a regular beard oil first and see how that works for you.

4. Keep it Under Control With A Trim

When it is long enough to the point that you are satisfied, you can then begin trimming it. Use one of the good beard trimmers on the market ( here is a list of our top picks ) , and slowly remove some of the excess hair that is sticking out. You should be doing this proactively because most people’s beards grow in different directions and if left untrimmed, the results will be a messy and perhaps even patchy beard. As you can see, having a lively and well kept beard does require quite some work.

5. Brush Your Beard

You need to brush your beard daily to reduce the flakes that build up naturally in the beard, as well as to allow for your hair to grow properly. Furthermore, dead skin cells get trapped in your hair and cause further issues with itchiness.

One primary consequence of not brushing your beard daily is that you may spawn ingrown hairs. Along with just general itchiness, ingrown hairs will be an absolute pain in your behind and will prevent you from continuing to grow your beard. Not any brush will do the job well, you need to invest in a beard brush or comb.

You can see our list here and pick one that will last you for many years to come.

6. Eat Healthier, Avoid Food and Drinks High in Sugar/Fat

Most of the time, your diet is to blame for that really bad case of beard itch. Start thinking about taking a healthier approach to the foods you consume not just for your beard, but also for your overall health as well. Everything is intertwined in a way, and when you cut out the sugary sodas and oily, fried foods you will see difference in all facets of life. Your metabolism will become much better and the way your beard feels and look will be like that of a beautiful tree growing its spring leaves.

That’s the cure for battling itchy beards. There’s nothing more to it, you just need to use the right products and eat healthy. If you found this guide to be successful for you, share it to your bearded friends so that they can too battle this plague of itch that is afflicting everyone lately!

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Stop beard itch infographic

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