7 Crucial Skin Care Mistakes Men Make

If you’re reading this, you’re actually one of the few men out there who even care to find out what mistakes they have been making as far as caring for their skin is concerned. Yes, men are that ignorant about their skin health, which is probably why many of them fall prey to wrinkles and other skin issues at a surprisingly young age.

Here at Malegroomings, we do not condone that type of thinking, but instead try and provide men with more knowledge to better improve not only their skin, but also their lives.

With that being said, caring for your skin is not as complex or even time consuming as it may seem. In fact, it can actually be fairly simple, unless you have skin care goals similar to women, in which case, it probably needs to be a major part of your life.

But if that’s not the case, take a look at these 7 common mistakes most men make that you would most certainly want to avoid.

1. Thinking You Don’t Need Any Skin Products

Well, it might seem a huge waste of time to most men to spend as much time on using skin care products as women do. However, as we said above, men don’t really need to follow the route of women here.

In fact, unless your skin type is too demanding, you would barely ever need anything more than a sunscreen, a cleanser, a moisturizer, and perhaps any outlying product that helps deal with any skin problem you may be facing.

You can easily build your skin care routine around these 3-4 products. You can use the cleanser once at night, slap on the moisturizer in the morning and at night, and apply the sunscreen above the moisturizer before leaving for the day.

This skin care routine is hardly going to take much time, but can go a long way in maintaining your skin’s health and making it look bright and healthy.

2. Not Being Aware Of Your Skin Type

Have you ever heard a man talk about their skin type? Most certainly not! And that’s because most men don’t even bother to find out what their skin type is.

While it may not seem something tremendously important, it’s actually make or break when it comes to skin care.

This is because a wrong kind of skin care routine may cause more harm than good.

With that being said, seeking professional help is probably going to be your best bet when it comes to learning about your skin type. However, if you don’t think it’s that important ( even though you probably should ), you can do it yourself too if you put in some effort into learning more about your skin.

Here is a simple guide on determining your skin type:

  • If you have a shiny skin that feels oily on the cheeks, has dilated pores, as well as is very prone to blackheads, you most likely have oily skin.
  • On the other hand, if your skin tends to turn a little reddish soon after you’re out in the sun, has lines that are clearly visible, as well as feels a little rough overall, you probably have dry skin.
  • If you have neither of these, and your skin is not very sensitive, odds are you are blessed with normal skin.
  • Lastly, the 4th type is something known as combination skin, which you most likely have if your skin behaves both like dry and oily skin, based on the traits we mentioned above.

There are many cleansers out there that are specifically developed to keep the oil off your skin, and hence would be ideal for oily skin. Similarly, some cleansers are pretty good at moisturizing your skin, and that’s what you would want to look for if you have dry skin.

As for normal skin, any quality cleansing product may work just fine. Regardless, what we are getting at here is to find a cleanser that is specific to your skin type.

While this advice is pretty generic, keep in mind that everyone’s skin behaves differently and the only way to truly and most potently get the right advice is by visiting a professional ( also known as a dermatologist ). This is really the only solution if you want to be set for the long term.

3. Not Choosing The Right Shaving Cream

Did you know that the basic over the counter skin foam you buy to shave is actually not good for your skin? Well if you didn’t, now you know.

We have stated this in many of our guides before, but it definitely belongs here as well. Regarding your skin’s health, the shaving cream DOES matter.

Opt for a high quality shaving foam made with natural ingredients such as lavender and sandalwood for better results. You will need to mix it with water in a bowl and apply it with a shaving brush, but it will smell way better and be healthier for your skin!

4. Not Using The Right Sunscreen

We have already touched upon the importance of using a good sunscreen above. However, there’s more to it.

A good sunscreen can protect your skin against many, many harmful agents out there. Needless to say, this means that you’re much less likely to fall prey to common skin issues, including the major one known as skin cancer.

For dry skin, you can go with any sunscreen that is good at moisturizing your skin, and they are available in plenty.

For oily skin, however, you would want a gel instead because of the way it acts with the oils on your face.

5. Not Caring For The Skin Underneath Your Beard

It’s funny how most men think that their long beard is enough to protect the skin underneath it. In fact, many a time, the skin underneath your beard needs more care than the rest of your face’s skin.

In order to avoid this mistake, you can simply buy a quality beard oil that will drip down below your beard and hydrate your skin properly. It’s that easy bearded gentlemen.

skin care mistakes men make

The face of a bearded man who doesn’t use beard oil.

6. Not Considering The Quality Of Your Shaving Products

Another big myth most men have is that the quality of their shaving products doesn’t matter. We would like to say to all those men: all shaving products are NOT created equal.

However, without going into much detail, in order to avoid many common skin issues such as skin irritation and skin dehydration, it’s a must to invest in quality shaving products. It does not matter if you opt for a straight razor, safety razor, or disposables.

Just make sure that you are not buying cheap quality ones because they can and do make harm your skin and leave you with nasty rashes. Have a look at our safety razor guide and straight razor guide for better choices.

7. Shaving At The “Wrong” Times

Shaving when your skin is dry is a big no no. It may not only lead to getting nicks on your skin, but also hurt the roots of your skin in some way.

Ideally, you would want to shave after around five to ten minutes of having a warm shower, as that’s when your skin would be perfectly “prepared” for a shave. It would also probably help you get a much higher quality shave.

Another “wrong” time to shave is when your razor is going dull. Replace it and then use it or else you will cut your face. Lastly, if you have sensitive skin, here are the best tips we can give you for overcoming the challenge of shaving.