Safety Razors 101: A Definitive Guide On Modern Shaving

Have you been using the use and throw razors that most people seem to start with? Do you want to take a big step in men’s grooming and finally switch over to wet shaving? Well, it may involve more work, but it will surely make you feel a lot more serious and confident about shaving, as well as turn this once dull act into a real hobby.

Photo Credit: lokarta via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lokarta via Compfight cc

What Is A Safety Razor?

Now, when you want to actually stop using the disposable razors and start wet shaving you actually have two options to choose from – safety razors and straight razors . The latter actually requires a bit more expertise and is different in many ways – so before you make a leap towards that, you definitely should start with double edged safety razors.

The thing is, you probably are already using a safety razor right now to shave. That’s because a “safety razor” comes in different types:

  • Single edge: This type of razor looks like a DE razor, but only takes in single edged blades. It is a great manual razor that gives you the best chance of getting an ingrown hair free shave.
  • Injector: Schick made this popular in the 1920s and it is basically is a type of single edge razor that works with an injector device to prevent getting hurt while handling the blades. They are pretty rare now and most people have moved on to the double edge.
  • Double edge: These are our personal favorite and that of most wet shavers as well. They take in blades that have two edges, so you alternate sides while shaving. They come in different styles, different weights and sizes, and also different levels of aggressiveness.
  • Disposable: These types of razors are the ones like Bic that you just use and throw away after one use. They usually come 2 or more blades. Once again, not very environmentally friendly and they are not very effective either.
  • Cartridge: This is the one that you probably use today, and made very popular by Gillette. These types of manual razors have multiple blades ( usually 4 or more ) that come in a plastic cartridge. It gets pretty expensive buying these cartridges and is not a very environmentally friendly or cost effective way to shave. But it is one of the most popular.

To help you to take the first step, we have compiled quite a bit of essential information here for the beginner that wants to know more about double edged safety razors and wet shaving in general:

What is in a Safety Razor Set?

Basically such a kit consists of the basic things you need when using a safety razor. They could be pretty minimalist and basic in that they just have the razor, the shaving brush, and a stand on which you can keep both. Here is everything you would need to get started today.

  • A double edged safety razor.
  • A Shaving Brush.
  • A stand to hold both for durability.
  • Shaving cream or soap.
  • A bowl to mix and create lather.

Once you have all of these items, you are ready to begin wet shaving. The best thing to do and what will happen when you gain more experience is to mix and match between different brands.

For example, your razor could be the classic Merkur #180 Long Handle while your stand and brush is from Perfecto. This ensures that you find the products you like the most and utilize them in unison to get the greatest and most enjoyable shaving experience.

But for those who are just getting started and you can get away with just getting a premade and whole package – which is a more elaborate set containing everything you’ll need to begin. There are many options in the market for you to choose from, but most of them are not at the standard we like. Here are a couple of kits for beginners that we recommend the most.



A safety razor kit by Parker.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the individual double edged safety razors and our take on them:

Safety Razor Information and Reviews

Wet shaving is not only the style of shaving that we personally choose, but also the one we highly recommend. We have tried pretty much every safety razor out there over the years, and these are our findings:

  • Best double edged safety razors – This is our cream of the crop. Our list of the top DE safety razors that work with a blade that has two cutting edges on both sides as opposed to modern razors that are one sided.

There are many companies that make these DE razors out there, and here are a couple of the more famous ones that you might have heard of:


  • Merkur– These are manufactured by a German company and are very reliable razors.
  • Gillette– After they got a huge consignment to deliver double edge razors to soldiers in WWII, Gillette was bound to become a famous name. Today, while they focus more on modern safety razors, they are the kings of shaving.
  • American– They used to be a very well-known brand, based in America as the name suggests. While many of the younger generation have not heard of them, they were once one of the largest producers of the early single edge razors.
  • Ambroley: A newer company that has been up and coming, Ambroley makes one of the highest quality razors on the market today. They are also at a very fair price compared to what they could be. We definitely recommend this company to our double edge safety razor enthusiasts.

If you are interested in trying a DE razor, just take a look at our reviews where we personally used and tested over 50 razors over the span of 18 months and narrowed it down to just the top 5.

Shaving Guides

Photo Credit: AvedaCorp via Compfightcc

Model shaving with a modern safety razor by Gillette. Photo Credit: AvedaCorp via Compfightcc

Lastly, our most important guides that we really spent a long time creating are the ones on shaving. For starters, it must be said that the modern man is prone to several mistakes before, during, and after shaving. Here are 7 of the most common ones and how you should avoid them.

Furthermore, a proper routine is a proponent of getting a smooth shave, and if you mess it up, your shaving experience will be tainted before it even begins.

This is especially true for men with sensitive skin, however they require a more methodically sound approach to shaving in order to get a smooth and irritation-free shave. We have a simple 5 step guide to help these men out.

Aside from that, we are always researching and testing new ideas out so that we can help you guys with your grooming needs. If you have any specific requests on a shaving topic you would like us to cover, please use the contact us page to get in touch!