DE Safety Razor Versus Straight Razor: Ready For A Real Shave?

This is one debate seems to have gone on for quite some time now: DE safety razor versus straight razor. They are different, there’s no question about that. However, exactly how are they different, and how do these differences affect you?

That is what you are going to find out now:

The Differences First

 Safety Razor

Straight Razor

safetyrazor straightrazor
A safety razor – the usual ones – fit removable razor blades that are made of surgical grade steel.

They come with long or short handles that you hold in a certain way.

You use them to shave by gliding it against your face, keeping the blade horizontal.

In fact, modern times removable cartridge razors are based on this design

A straight razor – again the usual ones – come with one razor blade attached to the handle. This blade needs sharpening.

The plastic or metal handle is usually of the same length as the blade side of the razor.

You hold these blades at an angle and shape in the direction of hair growth.

These are the razors you’d normally find being used in barbershop – they have been in use forever!

So, which is better for you? Well, that depends purely on you! Here’s why:

  • If you want to make a hobby out of something that’d normally be a chore – go for straight razors. Because while they do require regular honing and maintenance, that in itself can be very rewarding.
  • But if time is a problem with you then safety razors that you can just refill with fresh razors is the option for you.
  • On the other hand, if you go for a straight razor, after the initial investment in the razor, the strop and the other equipment, there is no other recurring cost of the razor itself.
  • Whereas, for a safety razor, even if you buy in bulk, every 30-50 shave you will need to buy a new box of blades.
  • And while safety razors will give you a good and easy shave – a straight razor can actually give you an even better shave once you’ve got the hang of how to use one!

Now there is another hybrid option of course – that takes the good of both and puts it in one. Wondering what? That is a straight razor that uses removable blades – there is no hassle of sharpening and you can get an amazing shave each time!

The whole safety razor versus straight razor debate is actually a very subjective one – what you take from it and the choice you make will differ from person to person and from need to need! So now that you know, make the right choice for you and go for that perfect shave – without the problems or the cost of modern cartridge razors!