Safety Razor Kit For The Beginner: 2 Great Options!

For many people, it seems logical to invest in a shaving kit rather than buying the shaving goods individually. But then, it has to be a good kit and all the equipment therein should be worth the price. Else, people won’t really settle for a kit…

So when you’re looking up shaving kits, it’s ideal to check all the items that come along with the kit. The price should also be a guiding factor – you don’t want to invest a lot of money…especially if you find that the kit and the individual assortments of shaver, bowl and brush come for the same amount of money.

In the given scenario, the only way you can get a quality shaving kit is if you get something from a popular brand, and if you get it at a good price.

The same rules apply to a safety razor kit – and to make your search more fine-tuned, we’ve brought you two recommendations – both from extremely popular and well renowned brands, although one of them is fairly new to the scene.

You can choose either of the following, and we guarantee that with both you will get equally good results—

So without further ado, here’s the first recommendation for you—


#1: Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, Stand and Safety Razor, Great Gift Idea for Father Husband or Boyfriend

Shaving Kit

You might already know about the famed Merkur razors and blades and if you do you will agree that they manufacture some of the best equipment for a perfect wet shave. Imagine getting all the equipment together in one single handsome kit—that’s what you get with this set.

And here’s some more info on why this product made it to our recommendations—

  • All the equipment is made of chrome steel – durable and long lasting.
  • The flat bar guard on the Merkur razor ensures a clean and neat shave minus the nicks and cuts.
  • The soap is not that great on this set and there are certainly much better out there to get a rich and peaky lather. However, that is really the only downside to this double edged razor kit and the rest of the parts are great and will last very long with proper care.
  • The price on this set is very low and a great buy for beginners who do not want to spend too much money on giving wet shaving with a safety razor a try. Just keep in mind though that a higher quality brush and shaving cream will ensure a much more pleasant experience, that’s just how it works.

Overall, this Merkur shaving kit is a great first choice for a beginner who is ready to be introduced into safety razor shaving. A lot of beginners have left feedback on this set and for the most part, they seem to enjoy it.

A couple of minor issues with the brush can be easily solved by making sure you hang the brush on the stand with the bristles facing down after every use, as well as using the top of the bristles when creating the lather and not the whole brush. These steps will ensure a long life for the brush and it should not come off the handle or lose bristles if you do this correctly.

But of course we promised you a second recommendation, and this one is a slight step above in terms of price and quality.


#2: Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set – Includes Pure Badger Brush, Stand & Parker 96R Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

This set comes with a a solid Parker 96R butterfly safety razor, a very sleek and durable black and chrome stand, and a Parker pure Badger shaving brush. Among other things –

  • The Parker 99R, the pure Badger Brush and the chrome stand just fit so well like it is a match made in heaven!
  • This set makes for a great wet shave experience right off the bat. All you need is a decent cream and mug.
  • The brush has the right amount of stiffness that will make for a great lather and shave experience. Some people do say that it sheds, but that’s only for the first two shaves and should not be a significant loss.
  • The butterfly opening system on the razor is perfect for beginners and changing your blades without much hassle.
  • And the razor is a great weight and fit for shaving even the most difficult parts of your face—the chin for instance.

There are many other people who can vouch for this safety razor set as well — many of them being beginners who enjoy the butterfly opening system and the fact that the razor cuts very smoothly.

If you’ve liked this shaving kit better than the other…we promise you will get just as good a shave. So no more waiting for that perfect barbershop experience away from your home. Just grab one today and get started.

So these were your two options for a safety razor kit – so what do you say? Take your pick and you can enjoy a great shave right in the comfort of your home.