6 Ways to Restore Dull Skin for Men

Dull, tired looking skin is probably one of the most common skin issues among men. It’s chiefly a result of poor lifestyle habits, such as a low quality diet, detrimental lack of sleep and unhealthy weekend binges.

Men usually also deal with many similar skin issues such as dark circles and complexion issues, which can be linked to the modern day hedonistic lifestyle.

However, there are ways you can deal with dull skin, and other similar skin issues effectively, without having to resort to spending hours on a complex skin care routine. Here are 6 great ways to go about doing that, tested and proven by our own trials over the past year.

This is simply the easiest way to improve dull skin in which any guy out there can put in a minimal amount of time per day in getting it done. Before we begin, it must be said that if you haven’t before, make sure to read these 7 mistakes that men make in skin care as a nice prelude to this article.

1. Cleansing Your Skin

Even if you don’t do anything else in terms of your skin care, this one thing can go a long way in helping revive and restore your dull skin. Men’s skin tends to have large pores, which makes it more likely to get oily and dirty.

However, using a good face cleanser daily can really help keep these pores clean, and your face looking fresh. It would also help maintain a healthy moisture balance, something most men struggle to do.

That being said, it’s important to note that you need to use a face cleanser, and not just any cleanser. A good face cleanser will help avoid stripping of your skin, as well as clogged pores and other similar skin issues.

We mentioned this before, but make sure to pick one that matches your skin type. Here is a simple way to know which cleanser is right for you:

Foaming cleansers: Normal, acne prone, and oily skin only.
Non-foaming cleansers: Normal, dry, super sensitive skin only.

*If after you cleanse your skin feels “tight”, most likely you are using the wrong kind of cleanser.

2. Using a Face Scrub

While a cleanser would do a good job of cleaning your skin’s surface, it may not be able to wash away the oil and dirt deep down in small pores and get rid of dead skin cells. However, a face scrub may be able to do that pretty effectively.

Using a face scrub daily can bring about many positive changes in your skin, and improve your overall skin health quite a bit. Furthermore, it also helps prevent complicated skin issues such as ingrown hair. Similarly, it would also lead to a fresh, brighter complexion, as it would play an extremely important role in replacing old dead skin cells with new, fresh ones.

This process is actually known as exfoliation, and it’s believed to be an essential component of a healthy skin. And as your skin will be healthier, cleaner and free of old, dead skin cells, it would also be very less likely to turn dull again.

Using a good face scrub or chemical exfoliator just once a day will do for most men who are completely neglecting their skin care otherwise. It would not only help get rid of dullness of your skin, but also help prevent more complicated skin conditions in the long run.

3. Shave the Right Way

While most men have now figured out the right way to shave that suits them the best, there are still some who suffer from cuts, nicks and razor bumps. If you think shaving is irritating your skin, you may want to give up old, poor shaving habits and adapt new, smarter ones.

Irritated skin is more prone to dullness and other issues, and hence something you would want to avoid. And it doesn’t even take a lot of effort to do this. In fact, simply using a shaving cream that comes with aloe may help prevent such issues to a great extent.

Similarly, lathering up with a little more water than you usually do will soften your beard hair, letting the razor ( especially a DE razor ) do its work without causing skin irritation.

4. Work on the Skin Around Your Eyes

This is something often overlooked, but definitely deserves your attention if you’re fighting dull skin. If you’re suffering from dehydration and haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep from a while now, the skin around your eyes may turn darker.

This would contribute to an overall tired, dull look on your face, even if you don’t suffer from many other skin issues.

If it’s dark circles that are causing this, you can go for a solid Retinol based eye cream to tackle them. This would help your troubled skin, and slowly make the dark circles fade away.

eye cream for dark circles

An eye cream for combating dark circles

However, if it’s the puffy eyes, perhaps more commonly known as under eye bags, then you may have to try a combination of things. First, you can use a simple home remedy involving chilled spoons, cucumber slices and chilled tea bags. You can keep them on your eyes, and the cool temperature will help tackle the fluid retention that’s responsible for your puffy eyes.

Also, you would have to give up on some poor lifestyle habits, such as consuming high salty food, alcohol and cigarettes. Finally, drinking a lot of water may help deal with the dehydration, which too may be a cause of the issue.

5. Restore the Moisture

More often than not, the lack of moisture is a major reason for dull skin, and even many other skin issues. While going for a moisturizing product is always an option, you can even consider a natural moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Buttermilk and olive oil are great natural skin moisturizers and emollients, and also come with a wide range of nutrients that may help achieve youthful, glowing skin. Furthermore, certain essential oils have been proven to be the best and healthiest for your skin.

6. Manage Stress Better

Well, while it might seem a little weird to link your stress levels to your skin issues, but you would be surprised how connected they actually are. In fact, if none of the above things are working very well for you, it’s likely something to do with your brain than your body.

High stress levels leads to an increase in cortisol, which interferes with the blood flow to your skin. This usually results in a slower skin repair, as well as dullness of skin and other skin issues.

Hence, while trying to get rid of the dullness of your skin using the ways mentioned above, also try to manage your stress better.

And that concludes this article. While this may seem like a it may be a lot at first, simply take 2 steps at a time and incorporate them in your daily life. You will soon be performing all of these tasks and your skin will improve without a doubt.