The Mans Guide To Proper Nail Care

Long nails, uneven cuticles, and wrong ways of caring for nails are all too common with men. But it’s still quite a task to get a man interested in the topic, perhaps because most think it’s not worth the time and effort to begin with.

Well that is wrong my fellow men, and you need to know that a well groomed man is properly trained to deal with all parts of his body, including his finger and toe nails.

Firstly, you should know that it is not actually that difficult to care for your nails. Secondly ( and more importantly ), it’s more important than you think.

While a man’s nails don’t really need to be perfect, they still need to be clean and reflect that you actually care for your overall hygiene. Speaking of which, your nails are one of the important aspects of your personal hygiene and need to be well kept at all times.

Now that you know that it’s an important task, let’s see the whole overview of the entire process of caring for your nails.

How Often Should You Clip Your Nails?

Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to talk about, as it is pretty subjective and depends on the person. Basically, you  want to cut them every 2 weeks or as soon as you see them growing and getting dirty. Your nails are actually one of the most dirty parts of your body, often accumulating massive amounts of bacteria and other harmful elements that you encounter outside.

In other words, it isn’t recommended to delay clipping once your nails start getting past your finger or toe pads.

So with that said, a good rule to follow is that you should get a manicure once every couple of weeks. But remember,  some people grow their nails much faster than others so it really all depends.

You May Want to Change Your Nail Clippers

You most likely do not know this, but if you are doing it yourself, your nail clipper might not be up to the task. Many experts suggest that the first thing you would want to do is get rid of those cheap compound-lever clippers. While many people think they are a great option, thanks to being convenient to use, affordable and portable, they fail to realize that they can also be pretty harmful for the nails.

Without getting very deep into the reasons, let us simply say that using such clippers is a rather “brutal” way of clipping your nails. This is because they exert force on your nails from both the sides, which is not what you ideally want to happen.

More importantly, however, since such clippers are cheap, they are made from soft steel, meaning that their edges become terribly ineffective in a surprisingly short period of time. And using such a clipper on your nails is similar to smashing them with two blunt wedges. Ouch!

compound lever nail clippers

Compound lever nail clippers.

The point of talking about all these things was to make you realize how important it is to invest in a quality manicure set, or at least a good nail clipper made out of actual high quality metal. It doesn’t matter if it is a compound lever or pliar clipper, as long as the metal is not cheap.

Now that you know that you need a good clipper, let’s go more into the method of how you should be cutting your nails.

How To Clip Your Fingernails And Toenails Properly

Avoid Clipping Too Low

Instead of pushing the clippers inward, you may simply want to rest them on your nails. Similarly, experts don’t recommend clipping a nail more than 3-4 times, and if you’re using quality clippers, it will be more than enough.

Also, remember that your nails simply need to be well kept and clean, and not perfect. If you try to make them perfectly round, you may end up damaging them.

Taking Care of the Rough Edges

Although this step and the one below it may not be “necessary”, they may be important for those with some specific nail problems, or even those that don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure a better nail care routine.

With that said, if you want to get rid of those rough edges, you may first want to smooth out your nails using a file. However, it needs to be a little different from the ones that most girls use, so grab yourself a metal one.

If your nails tend to grow a little unevenly, using the file to make your nails a little rounded may help. Similarly, the tool may even help clean your nails as well as get your cuticles in shape. Which brings us to the next point.

Getting the Cuticles in Shape

When the nail cuticles get unusually large or scratchy, they may lead to several problems. To get them back into shape, you can use the same tool that we talked about above to get rid of rough edges.

However, it’s recommended to apply a dab of your pre-shave oil or petroleum jelly in order to soften them and avoid getting hurt before using the tool.

Cutting Your Toenails

Although cutting your toenails is fairly similar to clipping your fingernails, and perhaps also easier, there are a few things that differ so let us go through them as well.

Firstly, a large toenail clipper may be a better choice for clipping your toenails, as it may make it easier and safer.

Secondly, you should try cutting them straight across, instead of on the sides. Also, make sure you don’t end up getting them into a curved shape! They are not like your fingernails.

Similarly, don’t make the mistake many men do, which is cutting the toenails too short. It will not only hurt, but also possibly lead to an infection. Furthermore, you should also avoid cutting them when they are wet, as the process may not turn out to be as smooth and may damage or bend some of them.

And lastly, you should never try cutting the toenail cuticles. It may lead to bleeding and bacterial infections. You can simply use a cuticle stick if you want to get them in shape or push them back, but it is not all necessary since you are wearing shoes most of the time.

That pretty much covers everything you need to care for your nails. We highly recommend going to the professionals to get both a manicure and pedicure, however if you can’t budget for it just make sure to follow the information we outlined above.