How To Grow a Thicker Beard: 7 Steps That You Should Follow

Since the dawn of time, it seems like the ultimate symbol of masculinity and sophistication is nothing other than a thick beard. Just by taking a look around at the most influential and intuitive men of our past (from Aristotle to Karl Marx) they all seem to have one thing in common: their beards. One question often arises and men of all ages and nationalities continue to strive for the same thing: How to grow a beard that is thicker and fuller than ever before.

Nowadays even, there are many beloved male celebrities out there that have marvelous facial manes that we all want to emulate on our own faces. Well, there is definitely some good news for those of you that are asking these questions because there are several things that you can do to grow a full thick beard. We will go through them one by one here, but first lets begin by outlining what qualities a great beard has:

  • Thickness: A beard is judged by how thick it is so this is the most obvious and telling quality. The thickness is measured by how long the hairs are. You don’t need to have a 6 inch beard to make it look great, anywhere between 2-3 inches protruding from your face is more than fine.
  • Fullness: The fullness is different from thickness because it is defined by how many hairs you actually have within your beard. A full beard that is well kept can look truly wonderful.
  • Liveliness: A great beard glows with vibrant energy and just looks full of life. This is achieved by proper beard care that requires a steady commitment, like many other aspects of life.
    Man with a full and thick beard

Genetics definitely plays a role in all three of these qualities because some men have higher testosterone and are able to grow a fuller beard, while others are unfortunately left with some to no hair growth at all. Hopefully you fall in between the spectrum and not on the balder side, but if you are one of the unfortunate ones that just simply can not grow a single piece of facial hair, you have the option of getting a beard transplant as well. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on to what you are here for:

Seven Steps To Growing A Thicker And Fuller Beard


1. Be Patient And Fight The Itch:


The first few weeks of growing can definitely be a hamper to you and the beard itch may come on strong. The reality behind having a great beard that you can be proud of is knowing that it requires care and attention. If you have these two aspects down, there is no reason that you can’t at least improve the current state of your beard. I highly recommend a Vitamin C serum to use on your face, not only for the itch but also for the overall health of your skin. Aside from that, just know that you have to be very patient when growing a thicker beard, so keep countering the itch with the following steps below.


2. Invest In A Solid Beard Oil:

a great beard oil by leven rose


A beard oil is an absolute must, and if you currently do not own one you will soon see why. The difference that a great beard oil can make is extreme, and you will want to slap your past self for not getting one sooner. In terms of having a softer and smoother beard that is free of itch, a beard oil is what makes this possible.

The main ingredients to look for are Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil, and Hempseed oil. Any combination of these five ingredients will make for a quality oil and your beard will soon begin to turn for the better.

One key tip here is to look for one that includes Jojoba oil because it is genetically the closest to your natural oil your skin produces, which is known as sebum. If you really struggle with itch and beard dandruff, a combination of jojoba and tea tree can do wonders for you. One recommendation would be the beard oil and conditioner by Leven Rose

It is unscented so it doesn’t make your beard smell differently, but rather it masks any bad smell that would normally linger. It is all natural and organic and it greatly reduces any itch that you may have by adequately and thoroughly moisturizing your beard. If you have are unhappy with your current beard oil or have never tried one to begin with, you should look at our top 6 list¬†right away.


3. Trim Regularly And Properly:


Trimming your beard is a necessary practice so that you can keep it well maintained and even. As you might have noticed, the hair on your face can grow at very different and peculiar directions, so owning a solid beard trimmer is necessary as a tool that can even everything out for you. You can trim two to three times a week depending on how fast your beard grows, but never trim after taking a shower. Why you ask? If you made this mistake before you might know. Basically, when your beard hairs are wet they seem much longer and fuller than they really are, which can confuse you and ultimately render you to shave far more than you normally would. Wait until the water evaporates fully from your face and then trim accordingly. A barber’s scissors has also been something that has been giving men some great results as an alternative to a beard trimmer.


4. Take Your Daily Vitamins:


beard grow xl

There are actually vitamins designed to help you grow a better beard. One of the most important ones that you should be taking is Biotin as that is directly related to promoting healthy hair growth, as well as benefiting your nails and skin as well. Others include Vitamin E, B1, B6, zinc and citrus flavanoids. There is also a supplement out there that is basically a conglomerate of vitamins in a capsule that specifically aids beard growth, and it actually replaces your daily multivitamin. The product is called Beard Grow XL and here is a little review of it:

  • All natural without any hormones.
  • Ingredients include: citrus flavanoids, stearic acid, cellulose, silicon dioxide and sodium.
  • Promotes healthy and radiant facial hair by the use of powerful antioxidants.

This little supplement can surely work, and it has by our tests, but don’t have any super high expectations as it is not a miracle product. If you genetically can not grow facial hair, these vitamins will not grow it for you. Furthermore, although some people claim that it helped them grow their beard faster and thicker than ever before, it should be taken in stride as the results will not be the same for everyone. If you have some patchy spots or just want your beard to be a bit thicker and fuller however, you can definitely achieve results in just a couple of months but it won’t be anything that is astounding. Still, it remains a solid option and something that you should try if you are serious about growing your beard.

5. Focus On Your Diet And Water Intake:

Your diet is one of the most important things regarding any part of your physical body. If you have a woeful diet that consists high in saturated fats and cholesterol, you will see that your facial hair looks mighty unhealthy and hair loss may even occur. Eat the right way and consume preferably leafy green vegetables daily (such as spinach, kale and broccoli), as well as a hearty balance of fruits and protein sources. Try and get your protein from other sources aside from just meat. These healthy alternatives include seafood, beans, nuts, legumes, flax seeds, and even broccoli.

Staying hydrated daily is another thing that you should be doing, and although it may be obvious, you will be surprised at how many people are not doing it. Half your weight in ounces is the recommended daily amount of water you should drink. Leave those sugary sodas and juices behind, and focus solely on drinking water. Your beard and body will thank you for it.


6. Condition Your Beard!

beard balm by Honest AmishJust like the hair on your head, your beard benefits heavily from a potent conditioner. Although this is more aimed at the overall health of your beard, it can also give the appearance of a fuller and more developed mane. An argan oil conditioner can do wonders for your beard, but if you are one of those that has the beard dandruff issue, aim for a tea tree oil based conditioner instead.

Alternatively, you can also look at Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave In Conditioner to check off this step. This beard balm not only softens your beard, but also has properties that help reduce dandruff.

Take a liberal amount and apply it thoroughly throughout your hair and make sure that you leave it in for a couple of minutes. If you wash it off right away, you are negating any chance of the conditioner doing it’s job. After a couple of minutes, slide your hands through your beard and see if you notice a difference in terms of smoothness. If the hair feels silkier and your hands easily slide through your beard, you are ready to wash it off.


7. Get Your Much Needed Exercise And Be Happy:

This should be something that you do regardless of whether you are trying to grow a full beard or not. You should be exercising at least 5 days a week for periods of 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Exercise not only improves your overall health, but it can also augment the amount of testosterone your body produces which can in fact aid you in growing that full beard you always wanted. Aside from that, try and reduce the amount of stress you go through daily as that decreases testosterone production and therefore prevents you from having healthy facial hair growth. Furthermore, stress has been proven to cause hair loss in men so that is something that you surely don’t want right? These two things go hand in hand and are something that will have massive benefits for not just your beard, but also your overall well being.


A Final Conclusion And Ode To Having A Thicker Beard

Now that you have seen these seven steps, the following is up to you. You can use these as a guide to make your beard grow thicker and fuller simply by just being consistent and dedicated. It is not impossible to do and many others have been in your situation and been able to do it. If you are struggling and don’t know where to start, take a deep breath and just do things one at a time. Some of you may not have the budget to get all of the necessary products right away. That is fine; just grab one at a time and see what yields the most optimal results for you. Everything works differently for people, and there is not one set guideline to follow. Try all of these steps above and some of them will work better than others. Above all, be happy and cherish your beard for what it truly is; an icon for your manhood and upheaving ruggedness.