How To Get A Softer Beard That Breathes Virility

You think that just having a well-shaped, handsome beard is enough? Think again. A legitimate beard needs much more than that to be up to standard, and being soft is one of those crucial requirements.

A rough, bristly beard may look good, but it’s an indicator of the fact that it hasn’t grown into the best it could be, and it might not even last in whatever reasonably good state it is in for much time.

On the other hand, a softer beard is usually a pleasantly healthy beard, and something that you should aim for.  And we promise you that it isn’t exactly as difficult as it may seem; in fact, these 5 steps may be pretty much all that you need to follow.

Take It Easy With The Regular Trimming

Regardless of what you may have read and heard about growing a healthy beard, it’s actually a myth that you need to  trim your beard everyday in order to make it grow well. In fact, in many cases, it’s the exact opposite of that.

You need to let your beard grow naturally without interrupting with the natural growth process too frequently. This is especially important to follow when you’re dealing with a rough beard, as regularly trimming tends to lead to jagged edges that make your beard hair rough and can even lead to skin irritation in the follicles beneath your beard.

While you obviously need to trim the beard from time to time to keep it in shape and prevent split ends, trimming daily without a proper reason may leave you with a beard that is more ragged than vibrant. The only people that need to trim daily are those whose genetics render rapid beard growth.

As a general guideline, every 2-4 days is the proper timeline that you should be trimming. And when you do trim, you should absolutely ensure that you are using a high quality trimmer that is conducive to your desired length.

Taking Care Of Your Beard’s Cleanliness

Often times, we men tend to forget that beard hair is not much different from the hair on our head. For the most part, our beard doesn’t receive the same kind of love that our head’s hair does, and many times it doesn’t get proper cleaning and washing for weeks and months on end. This leads to accumulation of oil, dirt and other extraneous elements in your beard, which is usually a major reason for that rough and unhealthy look.

Your beard tends to absorb all those harmful elements, which not only makes the beard hair coarse, but is also the leading concern for your beard’s overall health.

Washing your beard twice to thrice a week can help prevent this from happening. However, those generic shampoos out there may not cut it. You should instead go for a beard-specific, essential oil based shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

a soft, virile beard

A softer, healthy beard requires proper care.

It will not only help keep your beard clean, but also make it softer and give you a refreshing feeling. Finally, also remember that the milder the shampoo, the better it will be for your skin.

Beard Oil And Beard Balm

It’s surprising how many men don’t bother incorporating the use of these products into their beard care routine. If you’re after a softer beard, it is mandatory to have these products in your grooming kit.

Just make sure you go for the right products – the ones made using the right mixture of essential oils – and you will be surprised at how soft and healthy your beard gets as you use them regularly.

Read our beard oil guide and check out the difference between balm and oil before making a purchase so that you are well informed and choose the right product.

As far as instructions on usability goes, for the beard oil, you can simply put a few drops in your hand and gently rub it into your beard, covering the whole crux of it. Do this every morning and before bedtime if you do not own a balm; as it will provide some much-needed moisture on a 24/7 basis.

The beard balm is to be applied at night, in the same way as the beard oil. It will deal with those nasty split ends while you sleep, so that your beard stays healthy and you don’t encounter the need to trim often.

Just Comb It!

Yes, doing something as simple as combing your beard well can help quite a bit in your journey to a softer, healthier beard. However, avoid hair combs go for one of these beard specific combs and brushes for this task, as they will treat your beard hair a lot more gently than the former.

Combing your beard will also help you distribute the natural oils of your beard evenly across your beard, as well as assist in application of your beard oil. Furthermore, it will also help get rid of the dirt and other similar elements that may have made their way to your beard.

They Say You Are What You Eat!

And that certainly goes for your beard as well. If you really want a soft, healthy beard with all the other impressive lineaments a beard can have, you would be better off avoiding those junky and processed foods.

While healthy foods are obviously always believed to be a good choice, the ones rich in biotin will turn out to be particularly helpful. That makes nuts, avocado, dairy products and green vegetables like cucumber your top choices.