Hair Care Guide For Men: Healthy And Natural

First things first, this hair care guide is going to be unique in the sense that it’s not going to talk about the same typical stuff most hair care guides do. It’s not going to promote any phony promises made by shampoo and hair products, but instead going to take a natural approach to help you discover an incredibly easy, inexpensive and effective hair care method.

We focus on attaining the perfect balance of health and beauty here at Malegroomings, so without wasting any more time, let’s jump in.

Avoid Excessive Shampooing and Conditioning

As much as you may feel tempted to shampoo and condition your hair every day, it’s actually a very bad idea to say the least. Daily shampooing and conditioning can lead to making your hair lose its natural oils, which are essential to keep it hydrated and healthy.

It takes at least a day for your scalp to produce these oils, which means that you would simply be depriving your scalp and hair of these oils if you shampoo daily. That said, if your hair is healthy and not prone to any serious hair issues, you would be able to get away with shampooing your hair just once a week.

That might sound like a ridiculous amount of time to go without shampooing – especially to those that are obsessed with daily shampooing – but you shouldn’t forget that you can still rinse your hair without using any kind of hair products. You may still not find this to be a very good approach to your hair care, but you would likely be surprised at how better your hair gets in a matter of a few weeks following this approach.

As your shampoo would no longer be washing away the essential natural oils of your hair, you would get all the benefits they offer. Your hair would feel more relaxed and nourished, and it would also pave the way for many more options in terms of styling your hair.

hair care guide for men

Luscious, free flowing hair from natural ingredients

Something that’s common among most men with great hair styles is not letting the shampoo become the dominant element of their hair care. However, if you’re someone who uses a lot of product ( that’s too bad, though! ), you may not want to go without shampooing for more than 2 to 3 days.

If you only use a very tiny amount of it, though, you can still totally follow this approach as the daily rinsing will take care of the small amount of product buildup.

Try the No Poo Method

As weird as the name may sound, it can turn out to be the ultimate hair care solution you’re looking for.

Although there may be some shampoos on the market that are gentler than the others, they may still wreak havoc on your hair’s health in the long run.

And this is precisely where the no poo method comes in. It’s actually more of a hair care revolution than just another approach to hair care.

But what is the no poo method?

Basically, the no poo method refers to replacing shampoo altogether with a gentle alternative that’s not only way safer, but usually also surprisingly more effective. The alternative can be baking soda, vinegar, or even just filtered, purified water.

Once you’re a few weeks into using the no poo method, you will likely be blown away by the cleanliness and healthiness of your hair. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Going no poo comes with more benefits than you can imagine, including your hair becoming softer, shinier, stronger, smelling much better than it does with your shampoo, growing considerably faster and the list just goes on.

Oh, and just as a disclaimer, we are not someone obsessed with the no poo method but speaking purely on the basis of our personal experience as well as the experiences of many other men out there who decided to try out the no poo method and now cannot even imagine going back to the chemical heavy shampoo products.

To make a no poo solution as a shampoo alternative, all you need to do is make a simple mixture of the following easy-to-find, cheap ingredients.

  • Coconut milk
  • Filtered, distilled water
  • An essential oil ( we will be discussing this in detail below )

This stupidly easy and cheap home remedy boasts some surprising properties, including a great PH balance and not blocking your scalp’s skin pores like some other products. However, you may still want to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to this mixture as it’s going to help you get rid of dandruff, regulate scalp oils, as well as promote hair growth.

Coming to the topic of essential oils, it is going to be a crucial element of this mixture, and you need to choose it wisely. We will now walk you through some great essential oil options in order to help you pick the right one according to your hair’s and scalp’s needs.

The best part is that you can also utilize these essential oils in your skin care routine as well. On an important note, we recommend only buying cold pressed essential oils and reading the instructions on the label regarding dilution ( if necessary ).

Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to anything related to your skin or hair, the tea tree oil is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Besides coming with a smell that will make you feel that your shampoo indeed smells like “poo” when compared to it, tea tree oil comes with a wide range of “real” benefits of your hair.

From helping fight a number of common hair and scalp issues such as acne and microbial infections to energizing your scalp skin and keeping it healthy, tea tree oil is an all-round solution for your hair health.tea tree oil


Lemon is another essential oil that has a reputation for being a great alternative to shampoo. It has antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic and carminative properties, and is easy to use with other fragrances.

It also works just as great by itself, and is one of the best alternatives to shampoo for those having a problem maintaining and regulating oils of their scalp, which is usually a result of the damage caused by commercial shampoo products.


Here comes another essential oil that works surprisingly effectively at regulating oils of your scalp. It is especially useful at preventing oil buildup.

It may work wonders for those experiencing scalp irritation, thanks to its skin calming, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.


The chemical components chamomile comes with makes it an ideal choice for men with light hair. If your hair or scalp is plagued by bacteria or other infections, chamomile is going to be right up your alley due to being a stimulant as well as coming with many properties that helps get rid of many types of infections.

Now that you have the knowledge and the essential oils ready, go ahead and try reducing your shampoo intake and replace it with the oils above. You will see wonderful improvements in just a short period of time.