7 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster And Healthier

We covered how to grow your beard faster, but what about the actual hair on your head? We don’t want to be disappointing right off the bat, but it’s important to make it clear that there is no magic way to make your hair grow faster in record time. Furthermore, you can’t feasibly reverse the natural balding process either because it is highly genetic and out of your control.

With that out of the way, you might be confused to hear that you can actually do certain things that will make a slight but noticeable impact on growing your hair faster, but also healthier.

If that sounds like something that’s going to go well with you, stick around as we will take a look at 7 simple but extremely effective ways of making this happen.

#1: Regular trimming

As ironic as it may seem, it’s highly recommended to trim your hair while trying to make it grow faster. And to be clear, this is not because of the myth that cutting your hair makes it grow thicker and faster.

The thing is, if you just let your hair grow without trimming the split ends, they may end up damaging your hair in some way and even restrict the growth.

Regularly trimming of the split ends is important to keep your hair healthy, and if you ask any girl and she will tell you the same thing. You would probably be fine if you trim just 1/8 inch of your hair every three months or so while growing.

Grab yourself either a foil electric shaver or even a beard trimmer with hair guards to achieve this.

#2: Always accompanying your shampoo with a conditioner

Over time, your hair goes through a lot of rough stuff, such as heat styling, coloring and whatnot. These processes tend to make your hair go thinner at the bottom, thereby weakening them, which can lead to a slower hair growth or even common hair issues such as thinning of hair.

A good, natural conditioner can help replenish the lost nutrients in your hair shaft from time to time, making your hair healthier and grow faster. Similarly, it also seals the cuticles of your hair, which acts as a protective cover against many agents that damage it in some or the other way.

This ultimately helps you grow your hair in a much healthier manner because you are preventing the major issue of hair damage from occurring.

#3: Avoid frequent shampooing

It’s surprising to see how many men think they need to shampoo as often as possible. In fact, it should actually be the exact opposite of that.

You shouldn’t shampoo unless you really need to. This is primarily because while cleaning your hair of dirt and product buildup, your shampoo also tends to wash off essential nutrients and natural oil from your hair, which help keep your hair soft and healthy.

Using a ‘natural’ shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals would help avoid this to a great extent, though you would still want to be careful with the way you shampoo your hair. It’s the same thing as choosing a proper body wash, as you need to be careful with what ingredients you are exposing your body to.

It’s recommended to just gently apply shampoo at your scalp and not rinse it thoroughly; the water will help take care of cleaning the rest of your hair as it washes the shampoo off.

Do this only 2-3 times a week but no more.

growing hair healthy and fast

Avoid over-shampooing as it is detrimental to your hair.

#4: Weekly oil treatment

If you’re looking to grow your hair beyond your shoulder, you would need to put in some serious effort. A weekly oil treatment can turn out to be really helpful when trying to speed up long-term hair growth.

You can easily make a great natural oil at home by simply taking a cup of unrefined coconut oil, and a tablespoon each of jojoba, almond and macadamia oils, and mixing them well together. You can apply this oil 10 minutes before shampooing your hair, but make sure your hair is a little damp when doing so.

The oil will help protect your hair from the shampoo’s beating, and would kind of add a protective layer around your hair. Besides that, it would also provide your hair with essential fatty acids, which can help keep your hair healthy.

#5: Replace your cotton pillowcase with a sateen one

Using a standard cotton pillowcase is one of the common factors that causes tangling of hair, as it causes friction with your hair. Sateen as a material is softer and considerably more gentle on your hair, so you will surely have fewer tangles with a sateen pillowcase than a standard cotton one.

This is a minor change that can make a major impact on the health of your hair.

#6: Brush your hair the right way

First things first, you need to stop constantly brushing your hair. Why? Constant brushing can cause a great deal of damage to your hair.

When your hair is wet, you should always brush the bottom part of your hair first, before moving to the scalp. We often do it the other way round, which leads to small tangles that end up turning into big knots. And the worst part is that these big knots end up making you lose hair.

#7: Avoid wrapping your hair in a massive towel

The reason it’s really bad to wrap your hair in a massive bath towel is simply that it causes a lot of breakage of your hair. All those woven fibers trap your hair, and you know from reading above what that can do.

Instead, you can use a soft microfiber towel, which is very thin and gentle on your hair. There is no need to aggressively wrap your hair in order to dry it off.

That wraps up the list and you should now know 7 realistic ways to promote healthier hair growth. If you have had prior issues with your hair being tangled and unhealthy, you can bet that it was constraining you from achieving proper growth.

You must keep in mind that while these 7 tips can and do help, genetics plays a major role as well. It is beneficial to know in detail how this works so you can have realistic expectations on the whole process of growing your hair.

In closing, hair and nail care is very important to being a well-groomed man, and at this point in time should not be seen as the primordial and outdated expression of being “for women only”.