How To Get A Smooth Shave With The Right Routine

If you see any really well-groomed man you and notice just how much handsomeness is exuded out of them, you`d think that they just have it naturally. The truth is that being groomed is not an easy task and it requires a bunch of dedication and maintenance. From your beard to your toes, almost every part of your body has some type of hair in it, whether there is only a little or a whole lot. We are not saying you need to become completely hairless, but in this day in age you should still not let your body hair grow rampant as this is continually being downgraded in society. You don’t want to look like an ape after all with hairs flying in every direction.

There are steps you should take daily to assure that you remain well groomed and for people to take notice of your efforts. And it all starts with having a smooth and acne/shaving bump free face. There is a lot of misconceptions in shaving and men are constantly making mistakes when shaving, which is becoming physically evident on their skin. In any case, you should be taking steps to assure that each shave goes smoothly and cuts are minimized. Here are some vital tips to follow prior to shaving with any razor (safety, straight, or disposable):

man taking hot shower before shaving.

A hot shower is critical prior to shaving.

Take These Steps To Get A Clean Shave Every Time:

  • Try and shave less, and at most five times a week. While there is no magic number on how many days you should be shaving your face and it largely depends on genetics and just how much hair you can grow and how fast you can grow it, more than five days a week is definitely asking for trouble. Think about it logically for a second here. You are putting a sharp razor on what is a part of your body that has delicate skin for most people. There are some men out there with very rugged skin, however for most of us that is not the case.  If you grow facial hair rapidly and want to be clean shaven all the time, perhaps you should switch to a hypo allergenic electric shaver instead. In that case, if you follow proper shaving guidelines you will be less likely to mutilate your face.
  • Exfoliate your face prior to shaving to remove the skin cells that are dead and left hanging on your face. You have to allow your fresh and healthy skin cells to take charge through this rejuvenation process. It actually makes shaving much more effective and much less painful. This is something that A LOT of males do not do, either because they don’t know or they do know and think it’s too inconvenient. That notion should be reprimanded immediately because just performing this action can decrease shaving bumps and cuts drastically, as well as increases your blood circulation for a healthier looking (and feeling) face. A decent time to do it would be 20 minutes before putting a razor on your face. And also, create your own natural exfoliation mixture rather than buying one with chemicals in it as they will have the opposite effect that you are looking for. Here are 10 simple and fast recipes you can make from your own home.
  • Take a hot shower before shaving as well. The pores become relaxed and widen slightly after hot water or steam is applied to the skin. That is definitely a good thing in terms of shaving as you want your pores to widened rather than closed. Cold water does the opposite and it closes your pores, which will make for a brutal shave. If you tried it before, you will probably know that you should never splash cold water on your face before or during shaving. But anyway, couple this with exfoliating and you will be on your way to a smooth shave that should leave you free of any cutting or shaving bumps.
  • Wash your face with a glycerin soap prior to shaving. Glycerin soap only improves the quality of your shave to come with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and D that relax the skin further and prepare it for the sharp razor to come. If you have sensitive skin or are using a DE razor to shave, you should definitely not skip this step and just add it as a part of your routine.
    a standard glycerin soap.

    A standard glycerin soap.

  • Shorter strokes are better than long ones when shaving. This has to do with the actual design of any razor and it not being able to withstand the pressure of longer strokes. You will get much more precise and accurate shaving with strokes that are 1 to 2 inches long.
  • Apply low pressure when performing your strokes. The blades are literally sharp enough to get the job done with just a slight amount of pressure. Any more will only increase the chance that you cut your skin and it won’t even have any benefits in terms of closeness or accuracy. Furthermore, take your time and do not rush as these go hand in hand.
  • Remember to change your blades and don’t let them go dull. Dull razors are not only ineffective, but also detrimental for your skin because they are more likely to nick you. Depending on what type of razor you are using, you should know when it is time for a change of blades. For standard disposable razors, when the color indicator is getting close to white you should throw it out and grab a new one. For straight razor’s it could be a bit harder to notice, so learn how and when to hone your blade properly.
  • Stay hydrated and you will notice that you have cleaner shaves. Like all positive things in life, it relies on your body getting adequate water daily and not resorting to unhealthy drinks. Hydration is key to skin care and shaving is no exception. Get enough water and enjoy better shaves.

Now these steps and tips are not guaranteed to get you an ultra smooth shave by themselves. You still need to have proper technique and not rush while you are in the process of shaving. It is crucial that you combine everything and you will see major improvements over time. If you follow a solid and proper pre and post shave routine, your results will definitely improve. This all has to do with dedication and is just another reason as to why being well groomed is much harder than it seems.