Disposable Straight Razor Blades Overview

Straight Razors may remind you of Sweeney Todd, but you cannot deny that they are indisputably effective. In fact, most straight razor users will swear by them and tell you that no other razor can work quite as well.

But you already know that if you’re here – and today you are probably looking for the best disposable straight razor blades here. Well, first we’d like to tell you that by choosing a straight razor that uses disposable blades, you’ve actually made a solid and very convenient decision. If you want to compare notes and know why, then here are the reasons:

  • Firstly, a disposable blade ensures that you can change the blade and within seconds you have a sharp edge on your razor again! So easy and no-maintenance.
  • There is also no having to buy a hone and all the other sharpening supplies.
  • And there is another big point – disposable straight razor blades are always more hygienic – the very reason that barbers use these razors for the trade.

Now, while the task is a hassle free and quick on – changing the blades isn’t exactly an easy task. You can actually cut yourself pretty easily in the process if you do not know what you are doing, which is the case for most beginners out there.

So to help you get it right from the first time you try to change your blades, this gentleman will show you how to load and unload your disposable straight razor:

As you saw in the video, you can reload a straight razor with both single edge and double edge blades. But then single edges (half) blades will always be more convenient since you will not have to break them in half and also because they fit more snugly. And now to help you get an initial start in your straight razor shaving adventures, here are two safe recommendations that you can start out with:

 Derby Professional Razor Blades

#1.Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

No matter what make of razor you use, these blades are built in a way to fit in all straight razors. And we needn’t really say much about Derby – when it comes to shaving blades their reputation is pretty well known.

These blades are made of stainless steel and are easy to fit into your razor. And to give you the best shave they’ve been specially ground and hardened using the latest and best techniques. They have also been treated in other ways to ensure that the edge of the blade is best suited for a good straight razor shave.


Now for the second recommendation – an even better known brand:

#2 Shark Super Stainless Straight Edge Barber Razor Blades for Professional Barber Razors

These razors may have been designed for the professionals –that is even more reason to trust in them! These blades are also stainless steel. And in addition to that, they come with Shark’s promise of being sharp, durable and smooth! These work especially well with Dovo straight razors.

And as a security feature, each blade is individually packed.

That may not seem like a big thing, but you wouldn’t want to learn the hard way by accidentally cutting yourself before you even get the blade on the razor yet!

Shark Super Razor Blades

Both of these contain 100 blades per pack, so you are straightaway ready for about 250-300 shaves. What else can you really ask for from a few dollars invested in disposable straight razor blades? If straight razor shaving is the next thing for you, you are more than likely going to run into one of these two disposable blade brands at least once in your life. Good luck with working on that technique.