How To Control Body Odor During The Summer

Body odor, or bromhidrosis, is the strong, unpleasant smell that your body tends to give off when you’re sweaty. While the sweat itself is believed to be odorless, it leads to the growth and multiplication of bacteria.

The bacteria then breaks down the protein known as keratin, present on the surface of your skin, into acids. This is what leads to your body giving off an unpleasant smell.

The problem of body odor usually begins when you reach puberty ( 14-16 years of age for female and 15-17 years of age for male ). It’s because hormones known as androgens, which are not active before, start increasing when you reach puberty.

Body odor plagues many during the summer, as it makes them more prone to sweating frequently and getting those unwanted puddles all over your shirt. A well groomed man would can not afford to ignore this aspect of body grooming, as it can be both embarrassing and unattractive.

Now if you checked out our five body grooming tips, they are almost obsolete if you fail to deal with your B.O in a potent and proper way.

Is Deodorant The Answer?

Deodorants are far from being a practical or effective solution, as depending on how “sweaty” you tend to get during summer, their effect may be very short-lived.

With that being said, let’s cut to the chase and walk you through a few things that usually tend to work quite effectively at controlling body odor during the summer.

Dietary Changes Are Important In Reducing Body Odor

As with pretty much anything related to your body, dietary changes are probably the most effective solution to your body odor too. Simply cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet may result in a significantly reduced body odor.

male model

A healthy diet means a clean body.

Similarly, avoiding spicy foods such as garlic, onion and curry, may actually go a long way in getting rid of the odor, given that they tend to make your sweat more pungent.

Switching to Natural Fabrics

Clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and linen may help keep the odor in check. They are more breathable than those synthetic fibers out there that tend to hold on to the odor, and tend to dissipate the odor considerably quickly. They also make you feel cooler, and thus, less sweaty, which is obviously quite relieving during summer.

However, some natural fabrics may be better than the others. Cotton, for one, may always turn out to be your best bet.

Something to keep in mind, though, is that sometimes, when you end up sweating excessively due to something, some of these natural fabrics may hold on to the odor for a really long time, even after washing them several times.

This seems to be especially true with fabrics like silk, as it may take longer than you can imagine for the odor to fade away, when they are made to handle excessive sweat. Usually, if the odor doesn’t go away with washing the clothes for a couple of times, it may stick to them for a very long time.

Baking Soda Over Talcum Powder Or Cornstarch

While all three of them may help bring about a positive effect as far as absorbing your body odor is considered, baking soda, as usual, turns out to be the best option. It’s actually a very cheap and natural way of controlling your body odor, and hardly requires any effort.

baking soda

Baking soda has many uses.

You can simply apply it on the areas that tend to give out the odor, using something like a powder puff. It makes it easier and prevents it from getting clumpy.

If your shoes tend to give off an unpleasant smell as well, you can also put a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in your shoes. You can shake it out after around a couple of hours, and it will probably help the shoes stay smell-free for quite a while.

Consult Your Doctor for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, may reflect a deeper problem than just body odor. For instance, people with obesity or diabetes are more prone to sweating than others, though they may not necessarily be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

However, regular excessive sweating calls for more aggressive treatment options, which may or may not be safe to follow on your own. Also, as hyperhidrosis may be a result of some other more serious medical condition you may be dealing with, seeking medical attention may be your best and safest bet.

A Final Word

Apparently, a surprisingly large number of people are plagued by body odor, though only a few would actually admit to it. Also, although not usually something very worrying, it can surely be quite embarrassing, and make even some of the most confident people feel self-conscious.

However, it’s certainly very manageable, without having to resort to using harsh chemicals on your body. Following some natural treatment options such as the ones mentioned above may certainly turn out to be all you need to do.