Body Wash vs Soap Bar: Which Is Better For Men?

When it comes to something that may as well dictate your skin health and skincare, it pays to make sure you’re making the right choice.

That’s why were gonna be looking at a detailed comparison of body wash and soap bars below, helping you figure out which is more deserving of the primordial spot on your shower ledge.

We did this before with wet shaving vs electric shaving and received a very profound response, so were doing it again but this time with a more common option since every man showers ( we hope ).

Regarding Your Skin’s Health

Of course, your skin’s health should be the most important factor to consider while comparing these two options.

Body wash may seem a far better option, as many soap bars are often associated with common skin issues such as drying.

This is primarily due to sodium hydroxide, which is usually hard and coarse on your skin. It’s the reason experts recommend to avoid using a soap bar on your face ( which you should never do by the way ).

That being said, for your body the drying issue is rarely a problem if you go with a higher-end bar soap as opposed to the cheaper ones. Most of the higher tier ( and usually expensive ) soap bars can be just as hydrating as body wash products, and also come with many moisturizing agents such as aloe vera and botanical oils.

We would recommend avoiding products with glycerin though, as it can do more harm than good, as it’s often linked to more annoying skin issues such as rashes and itching. This is actually a common and crucial skin care mistake that men make.

So finally, it’s safe to say that we don’t have a clear winner here, unless you’re looking to go for a cheap option, in which case you would probably go with a cheap body wash over a bar.

Winner: Tie


This is yet another factor where many fail to have a fair comparison between bar soaps and body wash products. It’s generally believed that the former can harbor bacteria on its surface, and hence, if it’s being used by more than one person, it can lead to spread of the bacteria.

However, this is usually not the case. If recent studies are anything to go by, a soap bar that has also been used by someone else carries little to no risk.

On the other hand, while shower gels may seem like a more hygienic option, you also need to consider the fact that they require washing your clothes. And if these clothes aren’t kept clean all the time, they may turn into breeding grounds for bacteria and other harmful elements.

Bar soaps, thus, clearly have an edge over their body wash counterparts as far as hygiene is concerned.

Winner: Soap Bar ( surprisingly ).

Ease of Use

Although it might seem a little weird to talk about the ease of use here, it apparently tends to be a major reason why many prefer soap bars over shower gels, without even considering most other factors.

And it’s easy to see why. Soap bars are an absolute breeze to use. You can simply remove a soap bar from the box and get rubbing. Body wash products are definitely no match to them on this front.

Winner: Soap Bar.

body wash vs soap bars

A wonderful assortment of soap bars.

Travel Usability

While a bar soap is small enough to not give your carry-on a hard time, it certainly isn’t a pleasant experience when you have to pluck a wet bar while packing quickly.

A body wash product that comes in a travel-friendly size is probably going to be ideal for travel, and therefore renders this the winner in this category.

Winner: Body Wash.

Cost Effectiveness

There are more than one factors to consider here. The first one, of course, being the product that you use.

Now while it might seem that you may easily end up using more body wash than you need, a bar of soap is actually always going to be more prone to disintegrating even when it’s not being used, due to standing water and shower splash.

So therefore if you have been using soap bars from a long time now but not happy with how much you end up spending on them, you may want to switch to body wash and just be a bit more careful with how much you use.

Winner: Body Wash ( narrowly ).

The Verdict

Well, we don’t think you can have a clear winner here. There are certain aspects where a bar of soap may serve you better, and other factors that suggest body wash products are a much better option.

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Eventually, it would probably come down to which of the categories we discussed above matter the most to you.
Based on that, you can go with what suits YOU the best, instead of trying to figure out which one of the two is a better option in general.

We hope that helps you men out there, and while we haven’t found a clear winner here, we did come up with a conclusion that depends on the individual’s needs.