Best Mustache Wax of 2017 And More!

If you’re facial hair style relies heavily on the definition of your mustache, you are probably a cool dude. You will however need to focus on grooming that mustache and applying one the best mustache wax products regularly to achieve a prim and proper look.

We have tried several of these waxes, and have narrowed the list to the top 3. But before we show you that, let’s see the purpose of mustache wax in general.

Photo Credit: hapal via Compfightcc

A very defined mustache. Photo Credit: hapal via Compfightcc

What Is Mustache Wax?

This is basically a combination of petroleum jelly and beeswax in different proportions. What it basically does for your mustache is giving it stiffness and shine, while also hydrating and helps prevent dry and flaky skin. In addition, depending on what’s in the mix, it also exudes a pleasant scent. Now this is something that those with a mustache to be proud of are usually after. And if you are one of those then a wax for your mustache won’t be all that bad of an idea.

Mustache waxes are usually made in such a way that they don’t harm the hair and nor are they harmful to your skin. In addition, they are not too heavy on the wallet either! You can find them for very cheap actually.

They are different than beard oils and their purpose is closer to a beard balm in that they help shape and style your mustache. If you’re wondering how to apply this product, we can show you exactly how below.

How Do You Apply Wax On Your Mustache?

Applying this type of wax isn’t as simple as just putting some on your fingers and then spreading it across your face. You need to know the right technique, as well as how to treat the mustache afterwards. Yes, you usually need a mustache brush as well, as this allows you to smooth out the wax and spread it out uniformly.

It also helps in shaping the mustache the way you want to. Before you apply it, you should make sure that you shave the rest of your face first so that it can be clean and prim. An electric shaver is the perfect tool to speed up this process daily so that you don’t have to be using a razor and shaving cream all the time.

Furthermore, you’re going to require a beard trimmer to trim the length of your mustache as well if you don’t have the patience or the dexterity to use scissors.

After your face is clean shaven, you are ready to apply the wax on your stache. To show you how it’s done properly, nothing beats a great tutorial video:

And finally it’s time to view the products. Just remember that it is really difficult to find a mustache wax that is truly unscented. This is because of the natural smell that the necessary wax based ingredients exude, meaning it would be hard to make one without a smell. As long as you are not hypersensitive to scents, none of these products should bother you too much!

Top 4 Mustache Waxes For Men

#1: Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky: 1 oz

firehouse mustache wax wacky tackyThe Wacky Tacky is only one among the entire firehouse line, and it is the darkest variant. The waxes vary in composition as well as color,  however this is their best one in our opinion. Not only is it their best one, but earns the honors of being the top mustache wax of 2017.

Whether you live in a hot or humid climate, it will still hold up for the whole day and i is super easy to apply, as long as you know how. You need to let it air out if you want it to be stiffer, or else it won’t hold that well.

This color is particularly good for those with the darker shades of hair and can be used for other kinds of facial hair too, if you are so inclined. For instance, if you want to use it for your goatee, eyebrows, beard or sideburns, you can.

There are no added colors or fragrances, so it is completely safe and healthy for your hair and skin. You may notice a slight scent however, and we’re not sure how to describe it. It is by no means overpowering or pungent however, but you need to be careful not to apply it too close to your nose.

You do not need to heat this one up which is great, so remember to use it at room temperature however and to not place it in an otherwise very warm or frigid environment.

Size: 1 oz.
Scent: Light earthy/wax smell.
Color: Dark brown.
Hold: Strong.

#2: Can You Handlebar Secondary Moustache Wax

best mustache wax of 2016
The Secondary model of Can You Handlebar ( awesome name by the way ) is definitely one of the most potent products we tried. The color is actually an aesthetically neutral yellow that does not change the way your facial hair looks, which is an important but sometimes neglected trait in these facial hair products.

In regards to hold, it is extremely strong and lasts the longest out of the rest of the products. You might find it too be too strong even so if you are not looking for a strong hold, you should probably skip this one.

We like how it is locally handmade in the USA, and the full list of ingredients includes: Local wax (from Michigan bees), Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, USP Lanolin, and Vitamin E.

You actually need to warm this wax up before use, but once it is good to go you will never look back. If your beard is long and your mustache needs a strong product to really highlight the definition, this is seriously the best one you will find.

Size: 0.75 oz
Scent: Natural beeswax.
Color: Neutral/Yellow.
Hold: Extra strong.

#3: Clubman Moustache Wax

clubman mustache wax This first product is an amazing set that comes with the wax in a tube and a mustache brush to go with it. It contains beeswax and coconut oil and usually is good enough to make your mustache hold its shape after applying. Also, it adds volume to your mustache and does so without making it greasy or smelly.

The other concern you may have is the color that is present with this. Well, the color is pretty much neutral, so no matter what your hair color is, this wax will do the trick for you.

The ingredients in the Clubman include beeswax, sodium tallowate, and sodium cocoate. These ingredients give it a more creamy texture that is easy to use and convenient. Not to mention that if you do not already have a brush to help with the application, this set of the two can come in quite handy.

Once it dries, the texture becomes almost hard, so you should not use too much at all because the hold is great and lasts the whole day.

0.8 oz
Scent: Slight hint of lemon.
Color: Whiteish neutral.
Hold: Medium.

#4: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax:

fisticuffs mustache waxThis is our fourth and last winner from the products that we tested. It is made from a combination of jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax and pure petroleum jelly.

With those ingredients, it is not only safe, but also quite nourishing for your facial hair.

What we really like is the fact that the tin is composed in a very convenient shape and size and can easily be carried around with you. You probably won’t even need to carry it around with you however because no matter how rough it gets, the Fisticuffs wax helps your mustache stay put and in the desired shape throughout the whole day on just one application.

What’s not to love about the name and the design… seriously?

Size: 0.5 oz.
Scent: Citrus/Rosemary blend.
Color: Yellow/Neutral.
Hold: Medium.

Now that concludes our mustache wax reviews. A real man with a mustache will naturally like to keep it well groomed. You may be able to get away with using a beard balm, but we find that the texture of this mustache waxes are just better suited for styling and shaping.

So there are your options, learn how to use it, get the one you want, and you are all set for those killer handlebars.