Best Beard Comb And Brush Of 2017

When you take your beard seriously, you will realize that daily maintenance is just part of the repertoire. We covered the top beard trimmers and beard oils, but now its time to dive into the best beard combs and brushes for handling that facial mane.

To get started, you need to understand that when you grow a medium to long beard, brushing becomes absolutely necessary for different reasons. They are actually quite important to know, before we get to the list let’s show you why you should even own one to begin with.

Why You Need A Beard Comb or Brush

  1. Prevents ingrown hairs: This is quite clearly the top reason why brushing is necessary. Ingrown hairs come in the form of tiny red bumps, and can be a nightmare for you in terms of your appearance and the dreaded itching.Brushing your beard daily allows you to completely prevent ingrown hairs from occurring because you are averting the hairs from curling back and growing inside your skin. Combining daily brushing with a beard oil will be more than enough to rarely ever experience ingrown hairs again.
  2. Keeps your beard hairs aligned: A lot of men complain about their beards not being ‘full’ or ‘thick’ and when we ask them if they are brushing daily, they almost always reply with a stern no. To achieve a virile, full beard, you need to have your hairs aligned properly in the same direction.This is done by combing those hairs in place after trimming all the loose stragglers.
  3. Achieve your desired style: Regardless of what type of beard you are rocking, brushing is necessary for maintaining a consistent and proper style. Your fingers can not do the same work that a good beard comb can do, or anything else for that matter, so owning one is essential for making your beard look as naturally healthy as possible.
  4. Compliments your beard oil: Immediately after applying your beard oil, a beard comb is necessary to spread it around evenly throughout your hairs. When you buy a quality comb or brush, you will notice that the application of your oil is more potent than previously if you were instead using your hands.

Now that you know why you need a beard comb/brush, you’re ready to view the list.

Top 5 Best Beard Brushes and Combs of 2017

5. Huntsman Beard Co Dual Action Beard Comb 

dual action beard combA great dual action comb, this Huntsman Beard Co product deserves to be in the top 5. It is made from a well polished sandalwood, and the two sides are conducive to both shorter beards and really long ones.

The real value lies within the sandalwood, which naturally exudes a marvelous scent, but also absorbs your beard oil while you are combing to get the full effect. You will not experience any pulling or snagging of your beard with this comb, and it should straighten out your hairs fairly easily. Furthermore, there are no issues with durability with this comb because it is actually quite thick and properly handcrafted.

Huntsman Beard Co is a new company, founded in 2014, and they create beard care products by hand with natural, creme de la creme ingredients from quality suppliers. Their customer service is also exceptional, and if you run into any ordeal with the comb missing teeth, you can contact the owner Luke and he will take care of you with what seems to be an incredibly swift turnaround time.

4. Vetyon Beard Brush And Comb Combo

beard brush and comb setThis is actually a set that includes both a brush and a comb. The brush is well-made with boar bristles that are tough enough to tame your beard, but soft enough to avoid being abrasive to your skin. This brush works very well and while some hairs do fall off with daily brushing, we had no issues because there are literally hundreds of them within 10 rows to last you a long time.

Regarding the ergonomics of this brush, you should have no issue holding it because of the tapered handle that is conducive for most palm sizes.

The comb boasts a beautiful light brown color, with an elegant European Beech wood handle. The two rows of teeth are great for gliding through your beard to provide that nice shape that you desire. Vetyon is actually a small company that runs on the principle of offering quality male grooming products for a low price. If you have any issues or concerns, their customer service is also one of the best in the business, so don’t be afraid to contact them if need be.

All in all, this is a great value deal on a brush/comb set for your beard so don’t hesitate to choose this if you are a man who wants both products in your grooming arsenal.

3. Liberty Premium Grooming Co Beard Brush

best beard brush

This Liberty Premium Grooming co long handle beard brush is a wonderful product. This is a high quality brush that is made from 100% firm boar bristles, and it works extremely well. The precision you get with this brush is what makes it the best because you can adequately groom your beard and spread your balm or oil thoroughly with ease.

It is pretty long at around 8.5 inches, so it is not the best for travel. If you are not one who travels frequently however, there are really no other cons to weigh.

Because this is made with natural firm boar bristles, you will notice that it is fairly stiff the first couple of uses. After that however, it transforms into the perfect combination of soft and hard and will last you a very long time with proper care.

It comes with nice European Beech wood handle that really provides maximum accuracy while brushing, so if you are one who prefers a handle, this is your best option.

You also get a cleaning comb included with your purchase, which should be used to remove dead skin cells and hair that accumulates within the bristles after daily use.

Overall, this is the highest quality beard brush on this list and our recommended choice if you are looking for one with a handle, although keep in mind that it is pricier than the rest of the products above because of the materials they use.

Because of the significantly higher cost of this item, we do not feel that it is justified to be at the top of the list when the lower cost brushes and combs can do just as good of a job on your beard.

2. The Beardman Beard and Hair Brush

Beardman brushThe Beardman beard and hair brush is exactly what you’d expect in a manly product designed for the grooming of beards. It is simple, compact, and works perfectly in terms of brushing beard hairs in a polished flow that transforms you from regular man to a well groomed one that we strive for here.

The Beardman Brush was created with precise detail to shape and form both small and larger beards. Hard enough to control, yet soft enough to keep healthy beard oils in place.

Most importantly, it’s made with materials which are eco-friendly ( Bamboo ) and boar bristles from free harvested boar especially cared for to create the perfect brush. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this brush, and the best part is the low price that you can get it for.

All in all, this brush is durable, portable, and economic. Lastly, if you are one who travels a lot, the bag it comes with is big enough to fit the brush and your beard oil in hand without taking much space.

1. Savanna Beard High End Facial Grooming Kit

Savanna Beard Grooming KitThe top beard brush of 2017 goes to the Savanna Beard grooming kit. It comes with a beautiful duo of a comb and brush, and both are very effective in shaping and tidying up your beard. We call it beautiful because the comb is made from a very sleek red sandalwood that is both durable and well crafted.

Furthermore, it excels at shaping your beard with a symmetrical jaw line, cheek line, and even a goatee.

The brush is where the real value lies however. When speaking about how difficult it is to find the perfect balance between soft and hard in terms of the boars bristles, Savanna Beard seems to have uncovered the secret. The combination of the comb and brush are more than what you need to both spread that beard oil around evenly, as well as clean up any loose or uneven hairs that will inevitably stick out after trimming.

Savanna Beard is actually a small company based in Europe, and we were actually surprised by the results of our testing. They emphasize natural ingredients and handmade products for the modern bearded gentleman, which is evident in this grooming kit. Simply said, Savanna Beard created a great product that we love, and the price is unbeatable in terms of value.