Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: Which Is Better?

A lot goes into styling and growing a beard the right way. A well-shaped and adequately cared for beard isn’t something that just magically happens overnight, but it rather takes a long time and requires a lot of care to get that to point.

That being said, the last thing you would want to do is try out random products on your beard without knowing the consequences. We understand that it may be overwhelming at first, but this is why we are, and why you are reading this right now. So let’s get to brass tacks:

Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

This seems to be one of the most-asked questions about maintaining a beard. While some think they are pretty much the same, they actually really aren’t.

Yes, they do have many similarities, but there are a few key differences that make them very different from each other. So let us take a look at what they exactly offer and which one would be the better option.

A Brief Overview

Beard oil is simply a mixture of different essential oils, sometimes even carrier and fragrance oils. Essentially, it’s both a moisturizer and conditioner, as it helps nourish the beard hair as well as the skin beneath it. Furthermore, because it is an oil, it reaches the skin very easily and helps cure problems such as beard itch and dandruff, even on the longest beards.

Beard balm on the other hand is basically made using pretty much the same essential oils as a beard oil is, with the addition of some other moisturizers and sealants. While it works well as a beard conditioner, it also allows you to style and shape your beard by providing you with a light hold.

Which One Should You Choose?

To be honest, we can’t just tell you to pick one over the other outright because it really depends on what you want. After going through everything that has been shared above, it’s vividly evident that each has a different advantage.

With that said, most men seem to prefer beard oil over balm as the former offers pretty much everything their beard needs. Furthermore, it’s easy to apply and turns out to be very useful in growing your beard the right way.

Now to help guide you to your choice ( which is what we strive for here more than anything else ), here are the benefits of each products, starting with beard oil:

  • Helps you grow a healthier beard, that is easier to maintain with a beard trimmer.
  • Provides the beard and the skin beneath with adequate nourishment.
  • Makes the beard softer.
  • Helps get rid of beard itchiness and beardruff.
  • Makes your beard shine, making it look more attractive some say.
  • Some even have a scent to them, which makes your beard smell lovely!

However, this doesn’t mean that beard oil is a clear winner. There are several unique advantages offered by beard balm too that may make it ideal for certain people.

That being said, here’s what beard balm has to offer:

  • Just like beard oil, beard balm can provide nourishment to your beard and skin too ( though not as much as oil as far as your skin is concerned ).
  • Make your beard “look” thicker.
  • Allows you to style and shape your beard the way you want.
  • Provides a subtle aroma to your beard, but most likely less than scented beard oils do.
    bearded guy with sunglasses

    Medium length beard that is styled with a beard balm.

Beard Size And How It Factors In All This


Didn’t we say the right choice depends on many factors? Well the size of your beard is one of the most important aspects in determining which product to get,

Getting straight to the point, if you have a short beard that you’re just looking to grow, beard oil may turn out to be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re sporting a longer beard that needs to be styled frequently, a good beard balm would work better.

However, if you have got a beard that’s neither too short nor too long, you may want to take a few things into consideration to find out whether your beard needs oil or balm. To give you an idea, if you simply want to focus on growing your beard and not styling it too often, you should probably choose the oil over the balm.

Similarly, if you’re looking to give your beard a certain desired shape ( or if your beard grows in crazy directions ), you may want to go for a shea butter based beard  balm, as it is ideal for achieving such results. Hope that helps you men out.