Beard care for Men: The Definitive Super Guide

Beards are growing in popularity in the recent years and men are taking charge of their one most significant masculine feature. Whether you are growing that playoff beard, prepping for No Shave November, or just want to rock a bearded look for a while, this guide shall serve as a bible for you. We are going to apply years of knowledge and expertise and cover every facet of grooming, maintaining, and caring for your beard in this one guide. Beard care can truly be a confusing aspect as their is much more to it than just not shaving. You need to do many things to prevent itching, flaking, and just having an unattractive looking beard in general. This guide will be separated into three main parts and included will be all the products that we recommend to keep it maintained and looking fresh for as long as you have it:

Caring for your Beard The Right Way: The Three Main Aspects

  • Maintaining Beard Length and Detailing: The length of your beard is a main aspect of what products you`ll want to use to keep it trimmed and maintained. Depending on what length you have, their is a trimmer for you. Also, we will cover how to detail the outline of the beard so that it looks clean and symmetrical.
  • Beard Hygiene: Here we will cover all the essentials for beard hygiene, including how to keep your beard clean and healthy as well as preventing itching and flaking from being an issue.
  • Beard Styling: Styling your beard is the third and last crucial aspect for beard care. If you have a beard you will notice that it can be pretty difficult sometimes to style and control it. There are a couple of methods and products that can with this as you will see.

1. Beard Length: Maintenance and Outlining


Step 1: Trimming

The desired length of your beard is very critical of course, and as your beard grows you will need to trim it. The main tool you need for this job is a beard trimmer. There are many available out there and it can get pretty complicated discerning the differences and deciding on which one to pick. For this reason, you will need a full detailed review of beard trimmers and which one’s are a great choice to own. We even have a chart that recommends you the ideal choice depending on the type of beard you have, so everything you need to know is there. If you are unsure of how you should be trimming, read this guide first.

You can set your length setting directly with the built in setting or add the attachment that comes with product for your desired length. Just make smooth passes on your beard, making sure you cut evenly and all around. The Remington Mb4040 and Philips Norelco BT9285 are especially great if you are trying to achieve a stubble look. As far as your mustache goes, use a comb to brush it downwards and trim accordingly if it is growing too much for your liking. That basically covers trimming , so lets move on to outlining and detailing now.

merkur classic safety razor used for detailing your beard after a proper trim

Merkur Double Edged Safety Razor. Perfect for detailing.

Step 2: Outlining and Detailing

After you are done trimming your beard to the perfect length, you will need to do some detailing on the outside so that you can get a detailed and symmetrical look. There are different ways to do this, but the ideal way is using a double edge safety razor and shaving soap. Why a double edge safety razor over? Because it will achieve the best results while still being very economical. You can go with the contemporary disposable razors and shaving cream but it will be a bit harder and the results will most likely be less appealing. We highly recommend one of our top safety razors  as they are perfect for this job. Create a lather with the shaving soap or cream of your choice and apply it on your face using a shaving brush. There are two things you need to be aware of and execute when detailing:

1. Proper neck line: You don’t want to shave your beard where your jawline is. This is a bad mistake to make and will make your beard look awkward and undefined. Instead, the proper placement of your neckline is an inch above your adams apple. Follow your jawline at that point of your neck and shave thoroughly.
2. Proper cheek line: Depending on how you want it, the cheek line really is up to you. You can keep it natural and patchy looking on the top or you can get a high or low shaved line. This is much easier to do and really takes testing and deciding on where you want your cheek line to be.

The BeardCoach does a great job explaining these two concepts, and a visual representation will help you significantly more than words:

If you are having trouble growing a beard, there are definitely steps you can take to see improvements, even if they are minor.

2. Beard Hygiene: Complex but Necessary

Adequate hygiene for your beard can be a very difficult part of some bearded fellows lives. Having a successfully hygienic beard strictly relies on a steady routine in which you do two main things:

Shampooing and Conditioning: Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your beard can be kept clean and fresh by shampoo. We highly recommend getting an all natural shampoo such as an argan oil or tea tree oil based one, if you even choose to use a shampoo. Definitely avoid normal shampoo and conditioners as they may cause flaking and itching.

A conditioner is not mandatory but it will definitely help make your beard softer if you want it that way or if you feel that it is too coarse and needs relaxing. With that said, most beard oils act as conditioners, so really the only product you need is a really high quality beard oil.

Applying a beard oil: There are many beard oils out there and they come with various ingredients, but for your sake we recommend purchasing ones with a mixture of the following five base ingredients:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Hempseed oil

As far as how often you should be doing these two things goes, it really depends on the type of beard you have. If you choose to shampoo, you should only be doing so around 2 times a week. As far as applying your beard oil, every day is a good idea. The amount you use depends on how long and thick your beard is, and the ideal amount for your beard will come down to experience.

Lastly, some people are still using body wash or soap bars to clean their beards, and we strongly discourage this practice. Soap bars and body wash can be too abrasive on the hair and easily lead to unhealthy, flaky beards that just look unclean. An all natural shampoo is much more effective and safer for your beard in the long run so do invest in this over the cheaper brands if you can. Or just avoid shampoo completely and just invest in a better beard oil.

art naturals beard and mustache oil

A beard oil by artnaturals.

3. Beard Styling: Taming The Beast

The final aspect of beard care and the most subjective one is beard styling. For this, you can use scissors and a comb to selectively style how you want your beard to look while you are actually trimming it. Always remember the 1-2 inch over the adam’s apple rule as it will make shaving a proper neckline very simple.

Brushing and combing your beard: This is critical if you want proper styling of your beard as explained above. However, not all beard lengths require a beard brush or comb. If you have short beard or stubble, a comb will not be necessary at all.

This is really only for people with medium to long beards, in which case it is absolutely vital to brush daily. This will keep the direction of your beard hairs lined up, as well as prevent tangles and stragglers from diminishing your look.

If you do rock a medium to long beard, have a look at our top brushes and combs and commit to one daily for a much healthier and attractive looking beard.

Beard brush

A beard brush by Savannabeard.

Beard balm for styling: If you are really interested in styling your beard, you will most likely need to buy a beard balm.

A beard balm differs from a beard oil because it allows you to shape the beard how you want with ease. There are many different styles out there, so you`d have to choose one you like and trim/shave and style your beard accordingly. It will take some practice to nail the look, but ultimately it is up to you to learn.

That sums up our beard care guide. We have covered pretty much everything you will need to know and do to properly care for your facial hair.

Although it may seem like a lot to know, it is actually quite simple and only gets easier after you spend a couple of weeks practicing the information above. It will eventually just become second nature to you and you won’t even notice it during your daily routine.