How To Apply Cologne Properly Like A Well Groomed Man

Taking care of your body and being well groomed isn’t all about the maintaining the hair on you. You need to have everything taken care of so that all senses are in tune. The scent is a powerful signal of attractiveness, so smelling great all day is a key aspect of your daily ritual. A lot of men are applying cologne the wrong way, and we are here to change that.

We are going to show you not only how to properly apply cologne, but also ways to keep it lasting all day long.


How Powerful Is The Scent?

The first step is to identify how strong your cologne is. This can be done by a simple smell test. If the scent is really strong, you will probably only need to spray it twice in total. If it is on the weaker side, you can get away with 4 sprays. The key is to not overdo it. You want to smell great, but not to the point where you applied way too much and it is bothering other people.

Once you’ve identified the strength of your cologne, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

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Two Step Application Method:

Their is no “best” place to wear your cologne and it actually really depends on preference. The following are three places that you can experiment with yourself, and see which one holds greater results for you. If you are going on a date, you obviously want to have the right amount of cologne on. You want her to be able to recognize that you smell lavishly, but you don’t want it to be the point where she recognizes that you overdid it. That will be a huge turn off. For this reason, follow our two step application method.

1. Top part of your jacket ( or shirt if you’re not wearing one ): The first spray should be on the top of your jacket, where the end of the zipper meets your neck. If you are just wearing a polo or button down, the spray should be directed on the collar sleeve. You want half the spray to go on your clothing, and the other half on the bottom of your neck. We have found this spot to render a ‘scent explosion’ especially if you get intimate with your date. For weaker colognes, use two sprays.

2. Test these following places: The second place of application is where you are going to experiment with. You can either go for the following places:

a) Hair: Your hair retains scent extremely well and is a great spot to apply your cologne. If you have longer hair, definitely try it out. If your hair is short, don’t even bother.

b) Behind the Ears: You might have heard this one, and that’s because it is a great little subtle spot that also keeps the scent lasting all day. This is very easy to do with the eau de toilette colognes, but a bit more difficult for the spray ones. The trick with a spray cologne is to take the head  after the first spray and just gently rub it behind both your ears. This will ensure that you get enough of the cologne behind your ears without having to spray and risk missing.

c) Behind the Neck: This is an odd one, but it can yield some very positive results for those musky scents. I wouldn’t try this with the softer sport colognes, but if you have a powerful and pungent one, try it out.


Things To Keep In Mind

You may think that you can just spray cologne anywhere on your body, but that is actually not the case. You should be avoiding any place in which you sweat, because the scent will fade away very quickly. This means that you should forget the lower back or under the armpits, especially during those hot days!

Another thing to keep in mind is that some colognes mix very well with your moisturizer. For example, Burberry Brit with a coco butter face moisturizer is a very pleasant blend. You should always be testing new ways out with your scents, and see what yields the best results. Don’t be afraid to ask your significant other to be honest with you! It’s what a well groomed and fearless man would do after all.

Now go out there and smell the best you can gentleman, but don’t overdo it.