Remington PG520B Review: The Body Groomer Kit For All Your Needs!

If you are looking for a good body grooming kit that will respond you all your grooming needs – right from head to toe, then our personal tried-and-tested recommendation is the Remington Body Groomer. Now you may be asking, what’s so special about this body groomer that you should go for this and no other – well, there isn’t just one for us to mention right now. There are many – and we are coming to show you  just that:

The Remington PG520B Head To Toe Rechargeable Body Grooming Kit

 Rechargeable Body Grooming Kit by Remington


It is truly a multi-dimensional head-to-toe groomer for men

The blades and the various parts are designed in such a way that they give you the most comfortable and safe save. And that isn’t just for a few parts of your body. Armed with 5 different attachments, each built for a different purpose, this shaver is indeed the ultimate solution.

  1. Detail blade
  2. Mini foil shaver
  3. Nose and ear hair trimmer
  4. Mustache and beard comb
  5. Hair clipper comb

Anywhere you have hair and you want to remove it – the Remington kit is the only solution you will need… You name it – chest, beard, moustache, ear or nose hair, your privates, or even just your sideburns – this shaver can do the job!

It is a great shaver for the man on the move

Do you spend a large chunk of the month traveling – for business or for pleasure? Well in that case, this little kit is going to be your best traveling buddy. No matter where you go, when you go – with its long lasting rechargeable battery – you will never be at a loss. You can close your eyes and trust on this shaver.

Easy to use shaver

Easy to use shaver

This shaver has been designed for comfort and use. Whether it is for the area you are shaving or the hands you use to shave. The shaver body comes with a no-slip rubberized grip  that ensures you can get a clean shave without fumbling it in the shower. It will stay tightly in your hands so that you can get on with a flawless and safe shave!

And that’s not all… Here’s taking a glance at all its features:

  • You aren’t going to have any trouble with the blades because they made of steel infused with titanium. They are as hard and tough as it gets.
  • The design is waterproof, so you can easily clean it by just washing.
  • With this groomer from Remington you get a 2 year warranty. So in case of any problems with the shaver, Remington takes full responsibility and solves it.
  • For easier cleaning, there is a cleaning brush included in the box.
  • On top of the 5 attachment heads, combs of 3 different lengths are also included so you can tackle hair of various lengths without a problem.

We don’t usually recommend anything that hasn’t passed our very own quality and usability tests. This is one body grooming kit that has quite actually surpassed our tests and we’d trust it even with our eyes closed! That is not an easy thing to say so that just shows how much we really like the PG520B. The only body groomer that we’d say is above this one and by a wide margin actually  is the Philips Norelco BG2040.

It is nothing to take away from the PG520B however. If you too want a great all purpose groomer that is delicate enough for your face and rough when it needs to be around your stronger body hairs, the Remington body groomer kit is definitely the one for you. The only issues that linger are that the battery does not last as long as it could and that it could be a bit more powerful in terms of output. If you run into a serious batter problem, just send it back to Remington and use the warranty to replace it for a new one. It is actually very difficult to be able to make such a complete product that does everything you want it to, and the PG520B comes close. In closing, if you have a small to moderate amount of body hair, it is a great choice as an all purpose body groomer and you really shouldn’t see any major issues with it.

Rechargeable Body Grooming Kit