Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Stubble Trimmer Review

If you’ve been looking for beard trimmers for long, you’d know that there are about 3 companies that manufacture the greatest possible trimmers: Wahl, Philips Norelco, and Remington. The Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer is the definitely the top selling and overall the pride and joy in terms of this companies’ hair clipper products. The reason behind this definitely has to do with the fact that it was engineered very well in that the motor is highly efficient and powerful, and the price you can get it at is a steal when compared to what it should cost you. There are many other reasons of course, so let’s dive into this trimmer and see why it is one of the best choices for people just getting into beard trimming.

A Quick Overview


Remington MB4040
The Remington is every guy’s best friend – with its stainless steel blades and its titanium covering. The blades are self-oiling and maintain their own sharpness, without you having to intervene. Furthermore, the blades are very durable thanks to the titanium protection cover that surrounds them; even the most aggressive shaving will not have a direct effect on the blades sharpness.

Another thing about this cordless trimmer is its 9 different blade lengths which makes it suitable for all types of beard thickness and styles. There’s hardly anything you can’t do with this trimmer.

What is really surprising about this trimmer however is that the powerful motor can tackle the thickest hair growth without expending too much motor power, and it lasts a very long time too! This is actually rare for a cordless trimmer to do well as the corded ones are seen as the mighty and durable ones.

Man trimming with the Remington MB4040

Features Of The Remington Mb4040

The Remington Mb4040 comes with a wide base of features and attachments that helps for aiding a broad audience of beardsman out there. The 9 length settings are positioned as follows:

1: 1.5mm
2: 2.5mm
3: 4mm
4: 5.5mm
5: 7mm
6: 9mm
7: 11mm
8: 14mm
9: 18mm

It also comes with 3 different attachable heads which allow for the best shave irrespective of whether you’re sporting a beard, goatee, or stubble, it will work great for you. Here are some of the important highlights of the Remington MB4040:

  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Swift shave capabilities
  • Long battery life (120 minutes of cordless trimming)
  • Easy to maneuver ergonomic design –
  • 70 years of experience and reliability

Remington blades


Closing Arguments

As you can see, the Remington MB4040 beard and mustache trimmer is an ideal choice for a broad range of men out there. Whether you have never owned of these products before, or you have had one and the battery died on you unexpectedly, this is a great product to own.

There should be virtually no battery issues with this; we have tested and owned ours for over 2 years and we never had an issue with the battery or the power for that matter.

As long as you properly oil this before each use, you will have no tugging or pulling issues.

Furthermore, this model reverts back to the values that Remington epitomizes when you look back at what they were doing 10 years ago: creating a high quality and straight to the point trimmer with no fancy vacuum or LCD lights. The most important thing is how well the trimmer cuts and how durable the battery is.

This is what they got right with the Remington MB4040, so for now it will remain as the top choice from Remington. If you think the Remington is not for you and you might want a beard clipper that is more fancy or has more features, you can have a look at our full beard trimmer guide and see which one suits you the best.