What To Look For When Purchasing Beard Trimmers?

Somewhere between all these shaving techniques and methods, the beard trimmer pops up and takes the grooming world by storm.  If you’re not quite sure what it does, let’s just say that it allows for the smoothest way to trim down the length of your beard. When you are growing a beard, regardless of how long you want it to be, you are going to need to maintain it. It’s just common sense. A beard trimmer is the best possible method for this type of maintenance and it also helps you tidy everything up so that you look very well and presentable the general public.

Now the thing about beard trimmers is that they vary; from type, purpose and even their features differ from product to product. There are ones with cords ( powered by electricity ) that you see in barber shops mostly, others that are cordless and battery operated ( which require charging beforehand ), and you get these others where you can add several attachments to that let you be able to groom your whole body even.

But what do you look for when you’re on the hunt for a beard trimmer? What exactly are the features that make these products worthy of being called the perfect beard trimmer.

That’s what this article is about.

Of course you are going to be the final judge of what trimmer will serve you the best, but you must know what to look out for and how each trimmer compares to the rest so that you can make a decision that you can be confident in. Some great tips to keep in mind are the following:

Make sure it has a good battery life:

This is essential. Lets say you have a meeting at 9 and you’re running late. You don’t have the time for a regular shave with a razor and you’re depending on the speed and convenience that your trimmer provides to make you look presentable in a minute. But at that critical moment when you need your product the most, the trimmer is out of battery power! Sounds like a pretty bad problem right? To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you need a clipper with reliable battery life, one that doesn’t take too long to charge and doesn’t die out after just one single use.

Moving on.

Make sure the length settings suit your beard:

Each trimmer comes with different length settings, and in different increments. This is important because some products, like the Philips Norelco BT9285, have very short increments of 0.2mm but only go up to 7mm. A length of 7mm is only good for short to medium beards, and will not trim long beards well at all.

In contrast, the Wahl beard trimmers mostly come with combs ( or guards if you want to call them that )that have their own lengths by design instead of a built in length setting function, and they usually are suitable for long beards that go up to 25mm. With that said, always read what type of length settings are offered and how they progress incrementally because it is important to be able to trim your beard with the proper length.

Attachments definitely matter:

Did you know that some of these products come with attachments that can allow you to trim your nose, ears, and even eyebrow hair? When you’re investing in a long term beard trimmer, you might as well get one with some conducive and useful attachments so you can groom other parts of your body as well. This will save you money in other products when your beard trimmer has the capability to do everything.

Does the head move around?

Some of the newer models include a moving head as opposed to a stationary one. It makes shaving easier and allows you to maneuver better in difficult to reach places. But keep in mind that for some people with sensitive skin, this feature can be one to avoid as it can cause irritation and razor burn. If you are one of those who has sensitive skin, skip this one and look for another with hypoallergenic blades, like the Panasonic Milano.
Wahl 9854 Trimmer
Handling is easy and portable:

The one upside about this type of product is that it should be portable.  Even when you’re slipping it into your bag before leaving for your day job, it should not be felt weight-wise while it is inside your bag. If you travel often, you should definitely choose a unit that’s not bulky and tedious, but one that’s lightweight and sleek but still is effective otherwise. Most cordless trimmers are actually pretty portable nowadays, so you don’t have to worry about really bulky ones unless they come with a cord.

These points above are the ideal traits that you should look for when searching for beard trimmers. Unfortunately, you can only determine the worst from the best only after you’ve used quite a few of these trimmers. The good news is that we here at Malegroomings have tested quite a lot of them. When we say tell you guys that we know which are the best ones, we really mean it. Keep these points above in mind before you search around our list and you will be able to make a simple decision when it comes to picking your next grooming tool to last you for a while.