A Look At Three Great Parker Safety Razor Choices: The 22R, 96R and 99R

Parker is a now popular brand that was launched in the US in 2005. They opened their doors into the market with three models – the 90R, the 22R and the 60R. And if you have got any idea of the market trends, you’ll know that they caught on pretty fast. Why, you ask? After all, its not like they did not have any competition. Well, the fact is that they did so by being one of the best manufacturers on the market till this very day. Parker Safety Razor is a company owned by an Indian family, The Grovers. The company is primarily based in India since 1973, but they made their way into the US market in 2005. And since then their biggest motive has been their eagerness to innovate.

Why Choose Parker?

This is because they take your comfort and opinions very seriously. Part of their mission statement is to meet the needs of their customers. So much so that they regularly take user experience surveys and suggestions and put these into practice. The bottom line is that their razors keep evolving. And that’s not all – the principals and some employees also personally test each prototype and only when one passes the tests is it mass produced and released to the market.

Definitely a recipe for success you say? After all, even though most people take shaving for granted, it is actually a versatile art – and there is always room for improvement with the design of the razor available.

And since Parker has proven their reliability, more and more people depend on them nowadays. They do have some weaker razors that we do not like, but for the most part they have really evolved since their launch and will only get better as time goes on.

So with that in mind, you are ready to see our three recommendations for Parker Safety Razors.

The 3 Best Parker Safety Razors:

1. Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

This is one of the bestsellers at the time, and quite highly rated by many people in the DE razor world. Let’s take a look at exactly why:

There are, of course, two things that you will notice right away– like the textured handle so it doesn’t slip off your hand; or the butterfly doors so you can change the blade easily. But here are a couple of other reasons as to why these are this way.

  • We found that the weight on this is almost ideal for personal use. It won’t hurt your arms because it’s too heavy and it won’t slip off your hand because it’s too light.
  • You do not need to press down at all with this razor while shaving. It does a great job of cutting well and preventing nicks and cuts on it’s own.
  • If you plan on using Shark blades, keep in mind that they are extra sharp and cut very well. So also you need to be gentle and careful while using them.
  • You will get used to shaving with this even if you are a beginner almost after right away. It is a nice transition from disposable razors.

We actually featured this on our list of the elite safety razors for a reason. It is a great razor and is very conducive for someone just getting started with DE shaving.

2. Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor
Parker 99R

With the Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor you also get a long handle – 4 inches and a textured grip so it doesn’t slip. In addition to that this razor weighs just 3.4 ounces! It is a wonderful razor is featured as one of our top 5 safety razors.

Here’s a quick overview of why the Parker 99r is so great:

  • First of all, the price. This razor could easily be much more expensive because the quality is just superb. You won’t find a better value.
  • It is a heavyweight razor so it is very aggressive and for more experienced users.
  • It is actually very versatile and great at shaving those hard to reach places by the way it is designed.
  • Butterfly doors make it very easy to switch blades and are relatively safe from cutting yourself.

If you are looking for one to choose – then this one is just as good as the 96R. Though it does cost a tad bit more, it is also much better in performance and definitely worth the upgrade. Now for the final option, and one that has is an original by Parker.

3. Parker 22R Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 22R Safety Razor

This genuine Parker product is one of the best in their inventory in terms of price and potency and the reviews of it are all just raving. If you are looking for a quality safety razor, then this is the one to own. But why is it so good? Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Nice weight of 3 ounces so you don’t have to push down hard to get a close barbershop shave.
  • Smooth texture for a slip-free grip while shaving. Great for beginners or people who are clumsy.
  • Brass frame with nickle plated head to last long and be as durable as possible.
  • 4 inch handle is a great size and can reach behind the ears and under the nose well.

If you doubt the potency of this product or skeptical about switching over to a safety razor in general, here is a video that will show you just how close of a shave you can get with the power of the 22R.

When using any of these 3 Parker safety razors, you want to go slow and steady without pressing it too much on your face. The design is already made to make it easy for you to get a close shave without cutting your face, which is true for most quality double edge safety razors. You can use any types of blades you want with them, from Shark to Derby to Merkur and they all work well with this Parker product. We hope that you are now a Parker fan just like we are because they work very hard to make you like their products.