Top 7 Popular Beard Styles of 2016

This week we have a treat for you guys. Since beards have reached arguably the peak point in popularity nowadays, which style people are rocking has become a focus point for many to know.

Before you read this list, keep in mind that not all beard styles are designed for everyone. What may look great on others may not necessarily look as good on you. Hence, the idea here is to be focus more on the factors you need to consider in order to choose the right beard style for you than simply following others.

With that being said, here’s a look at the top 7 beard styles of this year – which is a mix of some old and classic as well as some new and trendy ones. So grab your beard clipper of choice, and get ready to find your new style:

#1: The Balbo

robert downey jr balbo beard

By Randomideaguy, (Own work)via Wikimedia Commons

The Balbo is one of the most popular beard styles this year, with the well-known American actor, Robert Downey Jr. donning it for years now.

In order to achieve this style, you need to grow a full beard – which usually requires waiting for around four weeks or so. You also need to grow a mustache.

Once you have grown a full beard, it requires some careful sculpting and using different types of razors to achieve the real Balbo look. Ideally, you would want to use an electric shaver and a razor– the former for taking off the side hair and the latter for getting the right shape.

It particularly looks great on men with a narrow chin, so if that’s you give it a try and see if you like it.

Notable Celebrities: Mister Ironman ( Robert Downey Jr ) himself.

#2: The Circle Beard


By gdcgraphics, via Wikimedia Commons

This is something that may work great for men who want to get a standard and stylish beard style that doesn’t make them look wild and rather helps them retain their “presentable” look.

Now while it’s a simple combination of a mustache and rounded goatee beard style, it can get a little fussy. Hence, ideally, you would want to hit the barber shop to properly achieve this beard style.

Notable Celebrities: As far as celebrity status, one the most notable ones includes perhaps Ireland’s finest, Colin Farrel.

#3: The Full Beard

The Full beard seems to be the most surging choice of 2016 when it comes to styles that are truly “manly”. While it rely’s heavily on your genetics and how capable you are of growing a beard, it is not for everyone and that goes without saying.

This is also one of the easiest beard styles to achieve and it involves simply growing your beard out for a couple of months and then simply trimming and maintaining a very thick length.

Notable Celebrities: We have seen many celebrities rock the full beard recently, with George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Scott Disick being among the most famous.

#4: The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi beard

A variation of the Garibaldi beard style.

This one’s the perfect option for those with little to no time to maintain their beard. This one was named after Guiseppe Garibaldi, a famous Italian general from the 1800s and it seems to be making a comeback in recent days.

To achieve this style, you can simply keep growing your beard till it’s about 15-20cm ( might take around 4 months for most people ). Afterwards, you need to trim the lower part during this period to make sure it remains rounded as that is the key to the Garibaldi.

The mustache should also be kept neat and tidy too, as it helps keep the focus on the beard. Aside from those two things, you can really just let it look as unkempt as possible.

Notable Celebrities: Zach Galifanakis often wears this style.

#5 The Napoleon III Imperial

This one is perhaps the most obscure beard style on this list, but one that definitely needs to be mentioned. Named after Napoleon III himself, it involves a handlebar mustache with a “chin puff” growing downwards to a fairly long size.

You can do this yourself at home by just shaving off everything bare and sculpting your handlebar and chin puff with a capable mustache wax. It might take some trial and error to get right, but that’s expected with many things in life!

Notable Celebrities: Mel Gibson, the man behind Braveheart, has been seen with the Napoleon III Imperial recently.

#6: Medium Stubble

medium stubble beard

The medium stubble beard is both attractive and easy to maintain.

The medium stubble is a fairly common beard style in 2016 and it involves trimming your beard at around 3 to 5mm long. This is a safe choice if you are not feeling wild, and it can be achieved by most guys because of the length required.

The women love the medium stubble look, and it is a nice median point between having a beard and being clean shaven. Lastly, it is very easy to maintain and just about every beard trimmer has a 3-5mm function.

Notable Celebrities: There are many that have had or currently do have this style, but if you want a big name just look at soccer legend David Beckham.


#7: Long Stubble

long stubble beard

The long stubble looks great from a side profile.

This is again another version of the “stubble” styles. Unlike short and medium stubble, however, it can be a little tricky to maintain.

The long stubble requires growing your beard till it’s around 6-7mm, and then trimming it every 1-2 days so that it makes the lower third area of your face look like a “shadow” almost.

Furthermore, you will need to get rid of the occasional stray hair, which is precisely why it’s a little more demanding than other types of stubble.

Notable Celebrities: Hugh Jackman ( Wolverine ) is not just a wonderfully gifted actor and human being, but also one who sometimes rocks the long stubble look, and rocks it very well.