7 Male Grooming Essentials Under $10

Who said you need to spend a staggering amount every month just to keep yourself looking and feeling well-groomed? You would do just fine with products that cost well under $10, and still look better than you did with all those expensive skin care products.

However, something worth noting here is that the cheap price tag of these products doesn’t translate to a poor quality, but it’s rather just the beauty of going natural and shopping for grooming products the smart way.

1. Lip Balm

There are not many things under $10 that can come close to offering what a good lip balm could. In fact, if you have cracked or dry skin around your lip area, then these may turn out to be the best few dollars you have ever spent.

A good lip balm can quickly help your rough, dry lips turn healthy and soft. You would no longer find yourself chewing your lips out of frustration, as a lip balm would sufficiently hydrate your lips and your lips would no longer get cracked or dry.

2. Vaseline

You would probably be hard-pressed to find something that offers more value for a couple bucks than a tub of Vaseline. It has plenty of uses, and you probably need to be a little ignorant towards your skin to not have this cheap, effective all-in-one skin solution in your grooming bag.

Ranging from minor cuts to soothing your skin, as well as helping you get rid of hair product build-up, there are few skin issues Vaseline can’t help you with. And the best thing is that it does all that in a fairly natural way, which is very relieving given that most other skin care products come with chemicals that can wreak havoc on your skin health.

3. Facial Moisturizer

It’s not just your facial skin that tends to go and stay dry, but your body skin could do with some moisturizing as well. In fact, dry and dull skin is something a huge majority of men suffer from, especially the ones that tend to spend time outdoors.

A moisturizer can provide your skin with a protective layer, which will help prevent skin issues such as dryness, skin burns, skin irritation and more that can make life difficult. You should be moisturizing twice a day, once in the morning before going out and once prior to going to bed, as told in our daily and nightly skin care guide.


*We recommend CeraVe PM moisturizing lotion and Olay Complete Defense All Day Moisturizer with SPF 50. You can alternate the CeraVe for before you go to bed and the Olay with SPF for the morning before you start your day.Olay SPF50 moisturizer

4. Facial Scrub

Dry skin is typically the biggest cause of most skin issues men find themselves dealing with. A good face scrub can help men keep their facial skin hydrated and clean impurities off the surface of the skin as well as from the skin pores.

This can go a long way in preventing typical men’s skin issues such as shaving rashes and bumps, as well as other annoying skin ailments. Make sure you look for ingredients that are natural such as sugar and strawberries, as they work just as well as the more expensive ones and are generally conducive to most skin types.

Most face scrubs with healthy, natural ingredients can cost at the upper end of $10, but there are several options for under $10 that work wonderfully.


5. Healthy Shaving Gel

Many of you may be using a shaving gel already, but the problem is that you probably use “any” shaving gel. You must only be using a shaving gel that’s either herbal or contains only natural ingredients, as any facial skin product that comes with harmful chemicals should be avoided like the plague.

A good, natural shaving gel would not only help you get a surprisingly close and clean shave, but you would also spend less time trying to get a good shave. Similarly, it would also leave your face feeling softer, as well as help avoid skin issues typically associated with sensitive skin.grooming essentials for men under $10

6. Beard Oil

Trying to grow a beard without using a quality, essential oil based beard oil is quite vividly asking for trouble. It would be really hard to not get that dreaded wild man look while growing a beard without the help of a beard oil.

A beard oil that comes with jojoba oil and other beneficial essential oil would help keep your beard hair in shape, while also making your beard fuller, thicker and healthier while also making it smell great. Furthermore, it would also get way easier to style your beard the way you want.

*See our list of the top 7 here.

7. Post Shave Balm

If you have sensitive skin, it makes sense to invest in a natural, quality post-shave balm. It can help avoid a lot of issues that you tend to encounter while shaving (due to your sensitive skin), such as skin irritation and micro cuts.

However, it can also work great at moisturizing dry skin and making it feel and look healthier, smoother and softer. All you need is a few drops right after you’re done with your shaving session, and it would instantly make the post-shave skin irritation disappear into nothingness. Needless to say, it would also last a long time so you need not worry about the cost adding up quickly.