5 Best Body Washes For Men: Skin Healthy And Vegan

The market seems to have been flooded with body wash products, making choosing the right one quite a drudging task. On top of that, if you’re like most men – which means you have almost zero knowledge about the ingredients most of these products contain – you’re very likely to end up picking the wrong one.

But does which body wash you pick really matter?

Yes it does! Many of the common body washes are actually bad for your skin, and the market has not caught up to this yet.

So what should you do? Just stick around, as we have done all the hard work for you and came up with a list of 5 best natural body washes that, besides offering a great smell and feel, are also going to work wonders for your skin health.

And as an added benefit, these are all vegan products so you are doing your part in ending animal cruelty. Before you check out this list, make sure to read our body wash vs soap bar guide to get you in the right mood.

Top 5 Healthy Body Washes For Men In 2017

1. Puracy Natural Body WashBest body wash for men

It’s surprising how many men don’t bother to check the ingredients when purchasing a body wash. We understand you may be after the moisture and fragrance, but overlooking the ingredients is certainly being ignorant about your skin’s health.

It’s a common fact that many body washes out there come loaded with chemicals that can be pretty harsh on your skin. Hence, in the long term, such products may do more harm than good.

And that’s precisely the reason most people that bought the Puracy body wash are all praising it. Many of them experienced a refreshing change, and actually got a lot more than what their chemical-based body wash was offering – but without putting their skin health on the line.

The Puracy body wash proudly brags about being a 100% natural product, with no signs of chemicals such as sulfate, triclosan, formaldehyde or petroleum-based ingredients. Instead, it’s made of ingredients that are coconut-based, as well as contains citrus and sea salt, both of which are loved for the skin benefits they offer.

The tons of supremely positive reviews that this product got clearly reflects that customers found it to be a hands-down better option than the commercial made products that they tried in the past. Many customers mention how this body wash leaves their skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.

Many of them even said that unlike with other products, they don’t feel like they need to use a lotion upon leaving the shower. Apparently, the Puracy body wash also turned out to be a heaven-sent for those that were struggling to keep their skin moisturized.

So you can be sure that your skin would get all the moisture it wants but without the chemical abuse from the cheap products that most people buy.

Finally, although you may find it hard to believe, the Puracy body wash absolutely doesn’t compromise on the fragrance as well. It smells absolutely incredible and natural, and your significant other will notice the difference.

Smell: Subtle but very noticeable and refreshing.

Duration: It lathers well and the smell lasts for a really long time.

Specifically recommended for: People with a sensitive skin and other skin issues.

Moisture: Incredibly moisturizing – many reviewers mentioned in their reviews that after starting to use Puracy body wash, they no longer need to use a lotion or any other type of skin products.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-castile Liquid SoapUnscented pure castille soap by Dr. Bronner

Just like the Puracy body wash, Dr. Bronner’s contains only organic ingredients. The reason we will only be reviewing natural products in this article is that we are fairly convinced the chemical-based ones are harmful for your skin.

With that out of the way, let us tell you that the Dr. Bronner’s Pure-castile has been rated the number 1 new product release in the “bath products” category on Amazon. This speaks volumes about the kind of overwhelming response it has received from the customers in a fairly short period of time.

The wonderful part about this product is that people use it for many different things: brushing their teeth, washing their hair, washing their body and even for pets. Although it may sound surprising, it’s easy to see why.

It contains a wide range of natural ingredients that come with many different benefits – making it a great product for pretty much everything that needs some sort of cleaning. Even the product description says that you could use it for all types of cleaning tasks, including doing the dishes.

While it seems to work great for every skin type, it would likely turn out to be especially effective if you’re dealing with skin issues such as acne, or hair issues such as dandruff. However, an important thing to note while using this product is that it’s very concentrated, so you may want to dilute it a bit before using.

Also, things may differ slightly from one scent type to another. It comes in multiple scents but you would want to choose it wisely, as you may find some better than the others.

We would suggest being a little careful with the Lavender one – it doesn’t seem to be all that great ( as a scent ). The best option in our opinion is the baby unscented one, because it is the purest and has the most uses.

Smell: Depends on the scent you choose, but we recommend the unscented one.

Duration: You don’t get much lather with the scented versions of this soap, but the smell is still pretty strong and lasts long.

Specifically recommended for: Sensitive skin ( the unscented version ) and also many different uses such as a shampoo.

Moisture: Very moisturizing as a shampoo, but not so much as a body wash.

3. Fromonda Men’s Care AtoneMint Shower GelFromonda shower gel for men

The thing that sets it apart is that it’s not only a purely natural product, but it’s also designed specifically for men. While the other two products reviewed above, too, are sure to work great for men, they are made with both men’s and women’s skin needs in mind.

However, if your major concern is one of those typical men’s skin issues, such as roughness of skin and dirt accumulation, the AtoneMint shower gel may turn out to be your best bet.

It contains many natural ingredients, some of which are regarded to be amazing for your skin. They include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, aloe and jojoba. These are similar to the ingredients present in beard oils.

Some of the things that it brings to the table that have pleased us include keeping your skin clean and fresh, while also leaving a pleasant aroma.

Smell: An easily recognizable tea tree and peppermint smell.

Duration: The peppermint smell in particular is very strong and would easily be noticeable for a while.

Specifically recommended for: People who need some thorough skin cleaning.

Moisture: Perhaps not the best for moisturizing your skin, but doesn’t leave it dry either.

4. Hot Springs The Original Clay Based Body Washclay based body wash for men

This product is a luxurious mix of essential oils, beneficial clay and plant extracts. It’s also concentrated, so even a little is going to last you really long.

This product actually cleans the worst of stenches, which is great for those of you who work in manual labor that involves getting dirty in the job description.

If some customers’ reviews are anything to go by, it should also work really well for sensitive and dry skin. Furthermore, it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and is one of those products you expect to see in a spa.

Smell: It smells great but it’s very strong.

Duration: It’s highly concentrated so even a little would go a long way.

Specifically recommended for: People with skin issues, including a dry or sensitive skin.

Moisture: It does make your skin feel quite moisturized.

5. Safe House Naturals Detox Face & Body Washsafe house naturals body wash

This is another hand-made natural product that is going to fit the bill perfectly for you if you’re looking to take good care of your skin or dealing with certain skin issues. One particular customer says that their skin had turned into a mess as a result of side effects of some medication. Their skin was irritated and broken out, and it also used to be really painful.

They tried many different products but instead of helping them, most of them made things worse by making their skin feel itchy and increasing the pain further.

However, the Safe House Naturals detox body wash worked like a charm for them. They said it’s just been a week since they started using it, and they can already see considerable improvement.

The itchiness is gone ( replaced with a clean feeling ), and the flakiness and breakouts are steadily getting better.

The reason we discussed this in detail with you is to give you an idea of how effectively it works for even some of the more serious skin issues out there.

Finally, it comes with a refreshing smell that’s just perfect – not too strong, not too mild, just perfectly balanced. We really enjoyed using this product, however we wish it could moisturize your skin a bit better.

Smell: Perfect smell – neither too strong nor too subtle.

Duration: If you’re very smell conscious, you would probably want to use it twice a day.

Specifically recommended for: Common skin conditions, as well as for dealing with skin irritation.

Moisture: It’s not one of the best out there when it comes to moisturizing your skin, but rather keeping it healthy and clean.

That ends this guide, and we have covered some of the best and affordable body washes out there. If you are noticing yourself having dull skin, switching to one of these body washes should help you out a lot.